Monday, October 19, 2015

Using WeChat to Find Thai Hookers

Times are changing...

Even though go go bar hopping and frequenting after hour bars and clubs is still the favored method of picking up hookers in Bangkok and Pattaya, today you can use that little piece of technology you call your mobile phone to help you locate Thai hookers from your bar stool.

Every hooker in Thailand, whether they are hard core full timers to the part timers have a cell phone. And nearly all, if I dare to make that assumption, have WeChat app installed. As much as I always tell guys that a mobile phone in Bangkok and Pattaya is indispensable, for Thai hookers it's a meal ticket for finding more customers.

Now, if you've been living under a rock, you download WeChat app to your mobile phone, it's available for iPhone and Android OS. Normally, WeChat is used to keep in touch with your friends via the phones' data service by adding them.

But like most communication mediums today WeChat can be used for self gratification purposes. They have this nifty little "Discover" function where you can discover people nearby. And by nearby people it means anyone who has a WeChat installed on their phones. And get this, there is an option to find either females or men only. Was this app built for finding pussy or what? Remember, set your discover option to females only! Unless you like guys.

Now of course every girl you find with WeChat's discover function are not hookers. So you have to check through their WeChat profiles. But there are several telltale signs that shows they are hookers.

  1. If they have nearly nude profile pics or pics with sexy poses.
  2. They will write that they are lonely, or looking for a boyfriend etc. Usually the info will be in English, after all they are looking for foreigners right?
  3. Check their photo albums for more photos of sexy selfies.
So after you've determined that they are Thai hookers just send a message. Start off with a simple hello. And if they reply ask them if you can meet them. Usually the conversation will trail off to how much she will charge and so on. How much you should be paying is of course totally up to you. But my current guide on Thai hooker prices will give you a good idea on how much you can expect to pay around.

But don't be surprised if you can find a girl who will be able to stay with you for a longer while for a lesser price. Usually Thai girls that are in the part time freelance scene are not so hardened by the business so they charge not as much. But don't expect super cheap.

Finally just a few tips to finish off. If you love Thai ladyboys, you will love We Chat. They typically will tell you upfront that they are ladyboys by putting it right on their profile. For them there's no need to hide because they know there are many guys looking for dudes with tits.

And to find more Thai hookers with WeChat you have to be in certain areas. Remember, WeChat's discover function finds sex workers with WeChat app nearest to your location. So, if you're in Sukhumvit between Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy you can bet you'll find more girls in the pay for play scene which means more choices.

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  1. Another Chinese app, Momo, is even better than Wechat in finding hookers. Most girls look gorgeous, slim and white, as they mostly target Chinese customers. The only thing people should be aware of is, many of them who claim to be real girls, turn out to be ladyboys or (semi)transsexual. So be careful and check their IDs before the deal is done if you really care about that.