Monday, December 7, 2015

3 Straight Nights of Dragon Massage at Bond (formerly Saboon) Spa

This blog post is about a trip I'm on in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Once in awhile I'll travel outside of Thailand and write about the whorehouses I visit. If you haven't fooled around in KL before and looking for some different flavors, I really recommend hopping over there for some fun.

On this trip to KL, I was turned out to a different variety of happy ending massage by a friend who's been showing me around KL's nightlife. It's called the Dragon massage. It's weird, but if you've never experienced before, you'll either hate it or end up liking it!

What's a Dragon Massage?

I mentioned not too long ago on my page about Bukit Bintang sex saunas that there were some changes. That Saboon Spa, which is my #1 spot for finding Chinese, Vietnamese and even Thai hookers has changed their name to Bond Spa.

So, I went over to Bond Spa to check out what else has changed besides its name. And of course I went over to get laid with some fine looking girls which they are most well known for.

Even all around you'll still see the Saboon name along with the newer name. One minor change however is the food menu. It's not as extensive as before so today you have about 12 items to choose from.

But of course I didn't go there just for the food, sauna and jacuzzis. Though this time around the jacuzzis looked a little dirtier.

Anyways, back to the girls. So for 3 nights in a row I went over to Bond Spa to check out their Dragon Girl Massage Service.

This is a kind of service provided by pretty looking young Chinese girls. If you can't speak Mandarin like me there could be a bit of difficulty communicating, so remember these girls can't speak English.

Also girls that provide Dragon Massage do a lot of work compared to the regular girls on Bond Spa's lineup. And from my experience each and every girl performs differently sexually. And nearly all of the girls perform oral with no condoms in the showers. But for the intercourse a rubber on your little brother is a must!

But first I'll give you a bit of a refresher on how you can take a look at their available girls as well as.

The Line Up

You can ask the papasan, or Captains as they are called in Malaysia to take a look at their available girls. They can call them all down to the cafe area, which is what most guys do. They will all stand right in front of you. And there will be other guys in the area checking out the ladies as well.  You see what you like, just tell the Captain.

A Little More Privacy

To be honest this is my preferred way of checking out their girls. You can tell the Captain you would like to see the girls up stairs. The Captain will oblige and take you to a private room upstairs where girls will gather to meet you. They will again line up in front of you.  And you just pick who you like.


If you get on really well with the Captain he will show you photos of girls on his cell phone. Now this isn't really my preferred way. Because most pictures, actually every photos have been altered one way or the other.

However, again, if you really get on well with the Captain, they will show you girls that have just arrived in town. And these Captains will eventually clue in on what kind of girls you like; slim, tall, long hair or short hair, they'll figure it out and set you up.

There is one Captain I always have help me out and so far he has picked out a lot of winners for me. I do not recommend anybody picking out a girl if they do not know you however.

The First Night

I chose this 21 year old girl from Hubei China, she was tallish with very white smooth skin and long black hair. She didn't have much of an ass, like most Chinese girls. She had a very nice set of tits though. Her face was quite pretty even though I know she had a lot of makeup on her face.

These massage beds are in all the showers but are never used. I wonder why?

First off is the shower of course. All these girls will clean you up. They will also pay particular attention to your asshole too. It's for a good reason.

Once shower is done it's off to the bed, facedown first. One of the techniques these dragon massage girls start off with is the cat bath. It's basically the girl using her tongue and entire mouth (every girl has a different technique) all over your backside.

This 21 year old from Hubei China alternated with hot and cold water in her mouth and she would swirl her tongue all over my backside. I have to admit, it was quite a stimulating erotic sensation.

When that was done I was instructed to get on all fours. Yes, this is where she will eat out your asshole. Guys, I'm only doing this for research purposes, so if you are sickened by this you can you know what. Just one of the reasons why I tell guys why they shouldn't kiss hookers.

Anyways the tongue in my ass was interesting. Really it was and not in a gay way. Anyways once the rimming was over I was asked to turn over for another treat. A bareback blowjob. And who doesn't like those.

From there the condom goes on and you can guess what happens next.

Every room has these in the shower rooms but they're never used. All the action  happens on bed.

Second Night - Different Dragon Massage Girl

The next night I had the Captain chose a tall 19 year old girl from Shenzhen, China. She had arrived the night before and ready for action. I only saw her on a photo the night before but I trusted my Captain's instinct.

When I went up to the room to meet my girl I was a happy customer. She wasn't super hot but she was cute and really looked good with nice curves that most China girls don't have.

She did everything that the first girl did. But during the cat bath she did something weird, as if the whole experience doesn't sound too weird for guys reading these kinds of sexual experiences for the very first time. She slipped on these form fitting plastic bags over my feet and started sucking on my toes with a mouthful of hot water in her mouth. Did if feel good to me? No because it was too weird.

Next was the anal licking. She sprayed something which I'm assuming is some sort of antiseptic. Cause my bum hole had a burning sensation. She also sprayed into her mouth too and started to go right on. At no point, as far as I know, will these girls put a finger in your ass.

Next up was the obligatory BJ which she did well. During sex though I do have to say she was really tight. Too tight and I think she just has that muscle to help her squeeze on tight. It was very pleasurable and one of my top 5 dragon massage experience ever in Kuala Lumpur.

Third Night - Yet another Dragon Massage

This time around I decided I will choose a girl on my own. After some time in the sauna and a small meal I asked the Captain to take me up so I can take a look at the available dragon massage girls.

About 10 girls came out. Two caught my eye. But the one that I chose looked younger. But after we went to the room I found out that she was 28. Which there's nothing wrong with that. Though she looked 22 or 23 at most. I guess it was her very smooth white skin and perky tits that gave her that youthful look.

She didn't spend a lot of time like the other girls did when it came to tossing salad. I don't think she liked it that much. But eating out a customer's asshole is part of the dragon massage package.

She was really nice and a good girlfriend experience from the start, which I know is what a lot of guys look for. Even though there is a huge language barrier issue these girls don't get frustrated. After all they know you're at Bond Spa to get you're there to get your rocks off.

The dragon massage starts off the same way but her BJ skills was really top notch. And a real pro too as she pretty much took control of everything and enjoyed it all as much as I did.

Never once have I ever had bad service over at Bond Spa. Just remember, dragon massage service cost 338RM for an hour of time with the girl. This price includes use of the sauna facilities and free meals in the cafe area.


  1. hello James,

    As i can see that no 1 spot is bond spa, does it mean that they have the best girls? last time, i went to genesis and the girls were average. Please inform more about the girls whether bond spa has more choices

  2. hello james,

    I am currently living in bangkok. Do u know anywhere I can get a dragon massage or similar experience in BKK?

    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hello,

      In Thailand a soapy massage would be the most similar to a dragon massage.

      You'll find some information here about soapy massage as well as on my website www.bangkokredeye.com


  3. Hi,
    I just found this and I'm very grateful for your information. Also as a first-timer I have a few questions and I will appreciate if you can answer me.
    1- Will I allowed to have my cellphone around? If so what will happen when I'm in Sauna or Jacuzzi ?
    2- What will I be provided at the first and after the shower?
    3- I'm just curious the if the girl has to spend 45 min or this is the top time ? I mean if a person finishes in half an hour what will happen ?

    Thanks a lot

    1. Hi Danny,

      There are these little small wooden lock boxes with keys. These boxes are big enough just for your cell phones. Put the key around your wrist and your set!

      When you are with a girl she'll shower with you first cleaning you and so on. Depending on the girl she might even give you a blow during the shower. And some don't it really all depends on the girl.

      If you finish early unfortunately that's it. The girls will shower with you again to clean you up. So don't finish early my friend!


  4. Hi,
    Just like to say cool blog man, love the information provided.
    Going to KL in a couple of weeks, gonna check this place out for sure!

    1. It will certainly be an interesting experience you should try it out. And do let me know what you think.


  5. Chinese girls generally have flat ass even if they have sizable boobies. Malay massage girls in generally have nicer and rounder ass. If you guys likes nice ass better than big boobies, I suggest you guys to patronize them. Just google it and you will have no problem in locating them. Cheers.

  6. Hey James,

    Just wondering, would it be the same price if all I want is a blowie? I can just tell the Captain right? Cheers

    1. They only have one price which includes everything. So can't pick and choose.

      But it wouldn't hurt to ask lol...

  7. Can some girls have sex with another protection instead of the condom?