Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bangkok's Analisa Massage Review - The Name Says it All

Inside a massage room at Analisa Massage
Update for 2018 - Analisa Massage is now Paradise Massage.  Same great service. Same finger in your butt hole.

A few days ago I paid a visit to Analisa Massage on Sukhumvit Soi 22. A massage with a hand job relief was what I needed. Though this massage shop is well known as a one stop prostate massage shop.

If you read my last post I was in Kuala Lumpur on extended business. A few days ago, around four punks tried to steal my BBQ grill and garden tools from my home in Bangkok. Luckily, my trusty neighbor and his friend Mr. Smith & Wesson changed the punks minds.

So I hurried back to my home to check if anything else was missing or damaged. Everything was alright. After meeting up with another friend for a quick beer he told me he was heading to Analisa Massage. It's sort of around the infamous oily massage area of Phrom Phong near its BTS station.

He told me Analisa is well known for it's prostate massage. Since he read my blog about girls doing rim jobs inside KL's Bond Spa he thought I would like a finger in my ass. Well I don't.

But he says the massage girls working over in Analisa are well trained in tantric massage. To me tantric just means the girls are good at tickling my balls. Why not? I'll give it a try.

When you see this sign make a left turn into a small alley

As I already mentioned Analisa is located on Sukhumvit Soi 22 roughly 250 meters down. Just keep an eye out for the sign above and make a left and you'll find them. By the way Sukhumvit Soi 22 is full of massage shops where they'll jack you off and probably more for the right price.

The Soi Analisa located on is a dead end alley. The sign is in red and the shop is easy to find. There are other hand job massage parlors nearby as well.

I got there around 5pm and there were only four girls available. The mamasan will show you a photo of the girls if you ask. Or you can ask to see them up front. Which is my personal preference.

The girl I chose was cute, around her early 20s and in good shape. Then I picked the course. Here's a big tip from Uncle Jim, always pick a girl before you pick a massage course. You do not want to choose a course, pay for it and find out that the girl looks completely different than the photos.

The Tantric,  Oil Massage, Body to Body, BJ, Prostate Massage Course and Hand Job Course is the name of the course I chose and it cost 2400THB for 90 minutes. Which is not so pricey considering all the work my massage girl did on me.

After changing into some really oily slippers provided by the house I went up with my massage girl to a room on the third floor. But she pointed to the shower room on the second floor and said that's where I'll shower. I asked her do I shower alone and she said yes. What a bummer. I was feeling let down already. Showers with a massage girl are all part of the fun. Anyways, when in Rome.

After I changed into some provided towels in the massage room I went down for a shower and when I got back up there were sensual oils outside my massage room. While waiting for just a few minutes she came in and undressed revealing her glorious tits.  And she got down to business.

First thing she did was take a pair of fake peacock feathers and ran it up and down my body. It was ticklish which i enjoyed and certainly started off different than any other oil massage experience. Then she went to work on my lower body first with hot massage oil. While she's working down there she would playfully put her hands up right near my scrotum and play with them. Ah, tantric massage.

She used her finger tips to lightly touch and tickle every where below down on my happy area and it sure was enjoyable. About 30 minutes of that going on she asked me to turn around and that's where the fun began. She'll massage and tickle me all over my body and it was a wonderful sensation.  Then she proceeded with a body to body massage. That was done in around 30 minutes.

She was wearing these funny thin panties too which means you can't really touch her down there but her oiled well shaped tits were fair play. (**Updated June 2016** After going back recently she did't have those weird paper panties. She wore them the last time because she was on her period. So then I went back again recently she was all nude.)

Then she started with a bit of playing around while giving me rub job. She then took out a condom and a pair of latex gloves. No need to tell me what she was up to with the gloves and I gave her a friendly no to the finger in the hole.

She obliged and just gave me a covered blow job while playing with my oiled chest. I have to say though everything was going great until the blow job. I don't know what kind of condoms Analisa Massage has stocked but I could not feel a thing at all.

Like a good massage girl she knew I wasn't into it so she slapped off my condom and gave me a heavenly oily hand job. On the scale of 1 to 10 with 10 the best I give her a score of 8. Only I can score a 10 for myself.

She was good and knew all the signals when I was about to explode and did the right things at the right time. I would definitely go back to Analisa again.

Now I don't know how many hot looking girls are working at Analisa, but the girl who gave me a massage told me 30 massage girls work inside. Kind a hard to believe because it's a small shop.

Would I recommend Analisa Massage. I had a good first time. I'd have to go again to check out other girls and see if they provide the same good service before I can confidently give the all thumbs up. But if you're reading this and near Sukhumvit Soi 22 and like fingers in your ass Analisa should be on your list of things to do in Bangkok.

There are a few hotels Sukhumvit Soi 22. The first is Marvel Hotel which is directly right across the street from Analisa. Marvel is a budget hotel with a mixed reviews. Be sure to read the reviews before booking.

The next hotel is Holiday Inn Sukhumvit which is right on the entrance of Sukhumvit Soi 22. So it's a 250 meter walk to Analisa but you can take a motorbike taxi which will cost 20THB.

I recommend the walk though because as I mentioned there are a lot of Thai massage shops that I know offer extras and I spotted some cute girls waiting outside. I might check them out next time.