Wednesday, May 4, 2016

2016 Top 5 Bangkok Soapy Massage Review

This year it looks like soapy massage parlors in Bangkok is looking a lot better. I'm sure the influx of Chinese tourists has something to do with it. Because I have been noticing a lot more soapy massage ladies working in the fishbowls and doing side line jobs. Just makes my job reviewing soapies in Bangkok more fun.

After a week back in Bangkok showing some friends around Huay Kwang where all the best soapies are located I figured why not make a brand new updated post review on Bangkok's best soapy massage parlors! It's about time anyway. I don't think I made a review last year because the parlors haven't really changed that much.

But this year as I already mentioned I've been seeing a lot more ladies working especially light skinned Thai girls. I am also beginning to see more Thai massage girls on the plump side as well. It's well known that Indian customers prefer their woman with a bit more meat on them.

Well whether you like your girls skinny or fat I really think now is a good time to hit the soapies. Many of the papasans I've known for a long period of time have told me that many new girls are now on their roster. Which is good news for guys like me because I don't like to see the same faces all the time at some of my favorite soapy massage parlors.

But that's not all. There is also a major shake up on my top 5 favorite soapy parlor list!

My Top 5 Soapy Massage Parlors 2016

Amsterdam Massage Bangkok

1. Amsterdam Massage - ** October 23, 2016 Update - Amsterdam has taken over Emmanuelle's location. So Amsterdam location is closed. The current Emmanuelle location is now undergoing renovations. I will update on a new post as soon as I get new information.**

A few years ago when I made this top 5 list I think Amsterdam was number 4 or 5. Can't remember. But this time around they are definitely #1 in my book. Now I haven't been back to Amsterdam Massage since last year. I only went there this time around because I had a friend staying over at a hotel across Amsterdam called Grand Mercure Bangkok Fortune Hotel.

Anyways I got there on a Friday evening around 7pm. Inside looks the same with all the ladies sitting on one side of the wall. There were around 20 to 30 girls. Immediately at least 6 girls caught my eye. The place had a decent amount of customers sitting around either waiting for friends or they simply couldn't decide.

I picked a girl within minutes. No way was I going to let another guy pick her up first. Now I don't want to get into too much details or else this post will get too long. But to me there were at least 10 gorgeous Thai girls that I would love to have some alone time with. The remaining girls were not so bad looking either.

Prices for girls start at 1800THB for 1 hour. The girl I chose cost me 2400THB and she was worth it!

Nataree Massage Bangkok

2. Nataree Massage - For the longest time Nataree has been my #1 top pick for soapy massage. And they are still tops in my book. However, if you've been reading my blog you'll know the kinds of Thai girls I like, which is light skinned and tall.

Nataree still has a lot of cute Thai girls and a lot of them are young around 18 to early 20 years of age. But a lot of the side line girls found inside are petit and darker skinned. Nataree is still the best hunting ground for side liners because they have at least 30 to to 40 girls sitting around the lounge area waiting for customers.

Sideline girls at Nataree range from 1800THB up to 2600THB. Girls in the higher price range tend to be younger and newer in the industry.

There's also a fishbowl section too with what seemed like new girls to me too. A couple of them were pretty good looking with nice sized tits and pretty faces. Fishbowl girl prices at Nataree start at 1800THB. Maybe I'll be heading back to Nataree soon!

** June 2016 Update ** Nataree has shut down for being extra naughty. Is it permanent? I don't know. But you can check out their sister property Alaina Entertainment which is not far from Nataree.(Check map above for Alaina Entertainment location.)

Emmanuelle Massage Bangkok

3. Emmanuelle Massage - This is one of the first soapy massage I've ever been to way back. And Emmanuelle really used to be one of my favorites as well until a spout of bad management totally ruined the experience. They were once one of the most well known spots infamous for falang surcharge.

When I went back last week I was surprised to see a decent amount of hot massage girls behind the fishbowl. And their side line girls were just as gorgeous. I simply couldn't decide. So I asked about the prices first in English, crossing my fingers they won't rip me off.

The Papasan said 2100THB for the side line girls and fishbowl girls start at 1800THB, which sounds about right. I asked about one particular fishbowl girl with a gorgeous body and papasan quoted me 2300THB. That was a done deal so I chose her. And I'm glad I did as I had one of the best soapy experiences ever!

Ocean Entertainment Bangkok

4. Ocean Entertainment Massage -  Formerly Colonze 2, Ocean Entertainment Massage is under new management and they've brought in a lot of new talent. Downstairs is the fishbowl section with a handful of side liners. But I always head upstairs to the model section.

Seems like the new management has done something right. There were about 15 model category girls and I found at least 5 to my taste. Ocean entertainment model girls start at 2300THB for an hour. I chose a tall Chinese looking girl with gorgeous almond shaped eyes. Her tits were fake but I'm not complaining. I only wish she had some ass though.

Anyways Ocean Entertainment has been somewhat renovated, as the last year I went it seemed to be falling apart.

I forgot to check on the price for fishbowl girls and side liners because I didn't find any attractive girls in that area at that time. But they shouldn't be charging more than 2000THB for fishbowl girls and 2100THB for side liners.

5. Poseidon Entertainment Massage - My friends tell me Poseidon's selection of model girls have gotten a lot better through the years. And I agree, I went there last month and picked up a hot model. She was in her early 30's but man her body was hot and her was pretty. She cost 6000THB though for 45 minutes. But I don't care it was my friend's treat.

But the time I was there they had at least 3 Penthouse Model type girls. Normally you have to make reservations if you want to get with them. However, that day I believe some customer cancelled out some group orgy. Must be a guy with a lot of cash because he lost his deposit money.

Anyways I took a peek at their fishbowl girls and didn't find anyone attractive. But I've still got my memories of that hot girl I picked out from Poseidon's model girls!

By the way if you're planning on travel to Bangkok to try out these soapies there are quite a few good hotels near these soapies. I wrote a post here so you can check it out.

So there you have, my top 5 favorite soapy massage parlors in Bangkok review!


  1. Hi Jim,

    thanks for keeping this blog! I especially like these "Top 5 of the Year" posts.

    By and large I agree with the scores you assigned, even though not in the same order.

    However, I am not a big fan of Ocean/Colonze 2. I don't think I've ever got a good experience there. The girls downstairs are cheap but not that attractive and their attitude is even worse.
    As for the "models" upstairs, there were never more than 3 to 5 when I went there, and they did not look like anything special for the price... they also seem to have an attitude problem, I wonder whether it's the management fault or maybe they don't get many Western customers and dislike them. Never had this kind of attitude problem elsewhere.

    Maybe it is also a timing issue? I usually go around 7-8 pm on week days. How did you find 15 models there? Did you go in the weekend?


  2. Sorry, I cut the other comment short.

    On the other hand, I also do really like Nataree. There are always so many sideliners there that I never left without finding something truly to my taste.
    On weekends the place can get so full with girls (even 60-70) and patrons that it becomes almost comical squeezing into the elevator and queuing for a room to become available...
    If only the place had mildly decent rooms, it would be hands down the best in town.

    I do have a couple of questions though, as I am sure you're far more experienced than I on the local etiquette.

    First of all, is it expected that the patron tips the floor manager? If yes, how much? Before or after you take the girl to the room?
    I notice that sometimes the manager is quite pushy in "introducing" me to the girls he thinks I am interested in, and I have a gut feeling like he's expecting some tip.

    Second, is it possible/common to take a girl out to my hotel room? Should I communicate that to the manager (since he can speak English), or negotiate with the lady herself?
    I know the sideliners are supposed to be freelancers but I ignore what the real customs are.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Manfred,

      I was at Oceans mid March this year. If I recall correctly I was there on a Friday night between 7pm to 8pm. I went upstairs and saw at least 15 girls (could actually be 12) as they were coming and going.

      Weekdays you'll find not as many models girls. Even on the weekends, sometimes I see a lot, sometimes I see a little. I guess we have to be there at the right time at the right moment.

      Thing about model girls is they are really popular with the local Thai guys. Some Thai guys even make bookings and appointments. And they will book these girls hours at a time. So you might not even see them at all.

      Manfred, one weekend if you have the time, I recommend just sitting around the second floor most of the night. You may see a lot of model girls in and out.

      Tipping is entirely up to you. I never tell a guy what to do with his money lol. But I will tell you of all the years I've been to soapy massage I probably tipped once or twice and I forgot why.

      Papasan or mamasans get a commission already. As you mentioned for example Nataree having so many customers. With that kind of volume they make some good money. But if you do tip just give 100THB. I wouldn't give more. 100THB they can get a good lunch meal on the street.

      As for pushy floor managers, from my experience it could be some of the girls giving them a kickback when the customer chooses them. Other times it's because a floor manager would push a guy to a girl that doesn't get a lot of customers.

      If you're going to take a side liner out it is best to ask her directly. They are basically freelancers. If she likes you or if the money is right you shouldn't have a problem getting her number.

      Usually working girls, especially the ones in Nataree can speak basic English from my experience. And believe me one way or another she'll figure it out that you want to take her out on a date. If you're concerned buy one of those Thai-English love conversation books lol. I have buddy that strictly uses that when communication is a problem.

      I mean you could ask a floor manager to be a translator. But I have a feeling that's just going to give them an opportunity to "up" the asking price for her time.

      I recommend trying to speak to the girl yourself first or as I said get some kind of book. Or use the best resources online like this http://www.speakthailearnthai.com/Thai_love_words_and_love_phrases.html


  3. Hi Jim, thanks a lot for the detailed answers!

    That was really useful and full of good advice.
    I would have never thought of using those Thai-English conversation booklet, even though I've seen them for sale everywhere. Hah!

    I think I'll give Colonze another try. It can't hurt, lol!

    Thank you again and please keep up this great blog!


  4. Just came back from Bangkok , was sad that I could not experience Nataree. They got closed due to hiring underage ladies

    1. Yes, Nataree for now has shuttered their doors, I wrote about it here:

      It'll probably be opened back up under a new name or something.

  5. Hi James, thanks for your posts!

    I will be in BKK next week. I just realised that Aug 12 is Mother's Day in Thailand and I heard all entertainment centers are closed for the day. Is it true?


    1. Hello,

      Any place that sells alcohol will be closed. Oil massage shops and soapies are usually open as they are not establishments that sell alcohol.


  6. Hey Jim,
    No guy with a shaft could discount the merit of "bro-code nobility" you practice through your blog. Keep up the good work!

    -What would you recommend for 3 nights Bkk/ USD1000.
    -Do the side liners offer a full night and a soapy back in the hotel room as well [ given that the float is purchased or something like that ]
    -could one go in for a shot on the soapy float ?[ in a pre-negotiated 2shot scenario ]

    -Is there a Nuru scene as well in any of these places ?

    thanks in advance bud

    1. Sorry for the late reply, not sure why your comment got dumped into spam.

      And thanks for the compliment.

      1. No need to spend for so much money on hotels especially for 3 nights. Check out this post: https://guestfriendlyhotelsinthailand.blogspot.com/2016/04/2016-top-8-guest-friendly-hotel-reviews.html

      If you have money left over you can send it to me ;)

      You can negotiate to take side liners back to your hotel no problem. But yeah getting that mattress to your room would be a problem lol

      And sure you can always negotiate for a second shot.

      Nuru massages services are mainly provided by oil massage shops like Dream Heaven Massage. So no Nuru at soapies.


  7. Hi jim thnks for updates.. wt r ur thots on annies? Cheers Ju

    1. Last time I went to Annie was a long time ago and I didn't like it then so never went back. But if you're in the area go check it out and let me know what you think.

      They do let you look around.


  8. Hi James,

    Is it true that Amsterdam and Emmanuelle have closed down?

    1. PG,

      Amsterdam location is closed. But the owners of Amsterdam bought Emmanuelle's location. So I guess you can say they merged?

      Right now Emmanuelle is undergoing renovations.

    2. You're truly the authority for the whoring scene in Bangkok ! Thanks for the update my friend.

  9. Hi James

    Have you heard or been to Maria Massage before? Ive never heard of it previously and wondering if this is a new outlet? It does however have a web page maria-entertainment.com . It looks impressive. If you'd have any experience there before, your feedback would be most appreciated

    1. Yes I have been there before. I've had a few good experiences and a a couple of bad ones.

      They've been open for 3 years and I need to go there a few more times to take pictures for a review after I get back from Malaysia.