Friday, May 13, 2016

5 Bangkok Oil Massage Shops You Will Love

My First Top 5 Oil Massage Shops in Bangkok Review

There's a reason why I never made a top 5 Bangkok oil massage shop review before. It's because I don't like sharing my favorite places with the rest of you mouth breathers. Though I have made a top 5 soapy massage review not too long ago here. See, I'm not a selfish bastard after all.

But here's a confession. I prefer body oil massage shops with happy endings over soapy massage parlors. For some reason, the working girls inside oil massage parlors are prettier. And most of them actually do have some massage skills.

That's because a lot of the girls working in oil massage shops actually started working in massage shops that have a no strict no sex policy. Then one day they realize they can get more money by offering customers extras like a rub and tug for a little bit more money. And they certainly do know they'll make more money by working at a full service sex massage shop especially in Bangkok.

Another reason why I prefer oil massage shops is because they provide more exciting services. Nuru massage, balls massage, 4 hands massage and even a bit of role play are easily provided by such establishments.

Also, pretty much all the best body on body oil massage shops are next to each other or a walking distance as well.

Some of the shops I mention below are shops that I have already reviewed before. I've been to many other new shops that have opened but I tell you, my favorites still remain the best.

But I'm going to make this review a little different. For example I know guys want to find out which massage shop has the best nuru gel body on body massage. Or the best prostate massage. And of course which oil massage shop in Bangkok employ the hottest girls.

Incall or Outcall

Every shop I recommend has hot massage girls. And every shop I review below I'll include a link to their website so that you can check out photos of their girls. Problem is these types of businesses may not have updated their photos. So if you choose a girl on their website by calling them to send up to your room they will not tell you that girl is busy or not working anymore. They'll just send up any girl that vaguely looks like the one you chose.

Oil massage shop owners won't do this to you if they know you if you are a repeat customer however. That's the reason why I always tell newbies they should go to the massage parlor and take a look at the girls on premise. So if you're a newbie, don't be lazy. Get your ass out to a massage shop and get laid. Because I lot of the girls I see inside the shops do not have their photos up on websites.

And now, here's my list of the top 5 oil massage shops you should visit in Bangkok:

1. Mitu Massage (website) located on Sukhumvit Soi 33 right inside the stair entrance of S33 Sukhumvit Compact Hotel (which is guest friendly by the way). Bangkok has a lot of oil massage shops with happy endings so a business really has to stand out in order to compete. I'm giving Mitu Massage an award for standing out and being the most unique sex shop in Bangkok. It's a Japanese inspired parlor providing services that Japanese clientele or most Asian sex freaks recognize. Like anal rimming and cat baths. If you haven't tried it don't knock it.

I also give Mitu Massage a thumbs up for utilizing social media. I've always told massage parlors if they want customers they got to show them how easy it is to find their shop and that Bangkok is not a scary place. That video above shows walking from Phrom Phong BTS Sky Train exit #4 and only takes about 6 minutes to get to Mitu from there.

Granted Mitu is not the cheapest sex massage parlor on this list it's the price you'll have to pay for good looking Thai massage girls. Mitu has two different types of service girls, No Hand Massage Girls and Regular Massage Girls.

Don't get freaked out, no hands doesn't mean their girls have no arms. This means they'll use their tongues which is called a cat bath. They'll use their breast, thighs and ass to rub all over your body. Mitu's no hand massage girls cost a lot though, 70 minutes for 3000THB. But I tell you, it might be worth it because their no hand massage girls sure are fine looking.

2. Analisa Massage (website) - Prostate massages are a big thing these days I hear. I guess that's because most of us are of age and need to get our prostates checked. So why have a guy doctor put his finger in your ass if you can get some young Thai sweet honey to do it for you?

Analisa also provides customers nuru body on body massage services but the best shop for that service is revealed below.

Also I just check out their website while writing this post and I noticed Analisa has these special rates which is not bad for a quick release and go:

Testicle Massage and finished    30 mins               800 Baht
Testicle and   BJ finished          30 mins                 1,000 Baht
Testicle +Prostate Massage    45 mins                   1 ,000Baht

Analisa is probably the most well known finger in your hole massage shop with happy endings. Their real claim to fame is the tantric massage which starts at 2200THB for 1 hour. I usually go for the 90 minutes which cost 2400THB. I wrote a full recent review of Analisa here so you can check it out. You'll also find out where Analisa Massage is by reading that post. Also Tantra Massage which is across from Analisa is by the same owner and worth checking out too.

Lots of oil massage shops in this area. Which is why it's a good place to stay in a hotel.
These 4 hotels are good choices and all are guest friendly confirmed and near the oil massage parlors:

Nantra 39 Sukhumvit - 1400THB per night
24 Inn - 1400THB per night
Arize Hotel Sukhumvit - 2200THB per night
Emporium Suites Chatrium - 3500THB per night

3. Can Cam Massage (website) - Is located right on Sukhumvit Soi 24/1 or what I prefer to call "Oily Massage Row".  That whole strip went through some kind of quick transformation so many shops have either renovated or newly opened a year ago. If you want the best nuru gel massage experience than you will like Can Cam Massage.

I came to this shop because while I was walking past one day with the intention of going to Angel 26 Massage this cute Thai girl, made out to look like a Japanese girl really got my juices flowing.

It was my first time trying Can Cam so I asked them how much for a 90 minute nuru massage. The price was 2800THB which was acceptable. Plus did I mention the massage girl I chose was smoking hot. She was 22 years old, had reddish brown hair and even though she had fake nose and chin I could care less because her tits were natural and ample enough.

Second time I went there in a week the first girl I saw was busy. I should've made an appointment. Anyways I chose another girl who wasn't as hot, but her nuru massage body gliding skills was of olympic level. It's a Japanese run shop as well as most of the oil massage shops on 24/1 are these days so maybe the boss is cracking the whip so the girls are performing much better and harder!

4. Premier 101 Massage (website) is located on Sukhumvit Soi 26 alley (see map above) so it's really easy to find as well because it's not far from oily massage row. Even though most of the girls I liked when I first went there years ago are now gone, Premier 101 Massage still manages to find top quality Thai massage girls.

I wrote a review about them on this blog post 3 years ago. They don't do anything fancy at all. No ass licking or nuru massage. They only have Thai, oil and lotion massage. No fuss no muss. But they do have possibly the best looking massage girls in Bangkok. And that's a tall order. But you have to go there on weekends where the most girls show up for work. Also, ask to see the girls up front instead of rely on the picture books.

5. Angel 26 Massage (website) is located on the end of Sukhumvit Soi 24/1 also right on oily massage row. Angel 26 gets the award for the worst website design. Like I should complain. Anyways they advertise that they have around 60 massage girls on the weekends afternoon time.

They could be exaggerating but one time I went there during an afternoon weekend and I saw at least 40 girls inside the ladies waiting room. And there were at least 6 or 8 guys in the sitting area waiting for their friends which means there had to be 8 girls upstairs.

Now with that amount of massage girls you are going to find a girl you want to bang. I know a lot of guys don't want to waste too much time bouncing around looking for their type.

But Angel 26 Massage is well known for employing the most massage girls on premise because they can handle the capacity. They are one of the biggest operating sex oil massage shops in Bangkok.

I also like that Angels 26 charge separate price for sex which is 1500THB for full service. Massage you have to pay separately.

These days, Angels is trying to differentiate themselves by offering jacuzzi rooms. Plus they have really spruced up their rooms because years ago it was in really bad shape. But today it's way better.


I've been to many oil massage shops in Bangkok through the years. Many have opened and closed. But it seems that the older more established massage shops have stayed strong through the years. But I can certainly say it doesn't get boring whenever I have to make these kinds of reviews.


  1. I finally went to the Phrom Phong district last year. I wish I could have stayed longer to try out some other places. I really like the massage shops here because there's a menu and what you pay for is what you get-- no surprises, no up-sell, and no rip-off.

    I was wondering if there were massage places just like this in Pattaya. I know about the soapy massage places. But what about the same type of places as in Bangkok's Phrom Phong district.

    1. Even though Pattaya does have sex massage shops they are not at the same level as the shops you would see at Phrom Phong in Bangkok.

      And the shops in Bangkok are more organized too, they have photo books and provide more services. While Pattaya is a straight up massage and bang shops.

      But I'll be making a review on some massage places in Pattaya soon.

    2. Yes, the I agree that the massage shops in Phrom Phong are more organized and thought out. I think it might have something to do with all the Japanese clientele that they have in that area.

      I rather pick from the menu rather than hope that you get offered a reasonable price for a handjob.

      I look forward to seeing more oil massage reviews in Pattaya. I think that hasn't been really been developed before.

    3. Plus a lot of the oil massage shops in Pattaya are spread out. Which makes it a bit difficult for me to make a map. Also, quality of girls in Pattaya are not as good as Bangkok. I also notice more massage shops in Pattaya have a mix of ladyboys and real ladies too. So if anyones looking for ladyboy massage parlors Pattaya has a lot. Cheers.

  2. Jim,
    I heard that Soi Honey in Pattaya has some good massage parlors. I think a good tip is to go to areas with a lot of GoGo bars. Then there's more horny men to solicit.

    There's a shitload of places in places in Pattaya that will give you a simple oil massage for 300 baht. Heck, i've gotten 500 baht handjobs under that shabby cloth tent before. Not much privacy doing that- i tell you. But sometimes you get offered no extras at all in those foot massage places. So it's hit and miss when there is no menu. Kinda lame but i suppose ladies do go in there expecting a legit massage at times.

    1. Good tips. You know, I generally tell people about Pattaya's massage parlors, if you see a bunch of older massage ladies it's a sure sign you won't get hand jobs. But it's not true. A good buddy of mine was getting a massage by an older lady and next thing you know she asked if he wanted hand job lol!

  3. Hi James, thanks for reviving the blog: I was happily surprised to see a flurry of new posts after it was not updated for months!

    Great and informative post as always!
    However, in my experience, I'd say that the girls at soapies tend to be significantly prettier than the ones at oily massages, penny for penny.
    For instance, I've been to Mitu several times and the service is really top-notch there, however most of the ladies (even "platinum" or "gold" tiers) are nothing to write home about in terms of appearance in my opinion.

    For almost the same price (which is around 4300 baht for the top tier at Mitu), you can often get a beautiful 19-20 yo girl from Chang Mai at places like Nataree.
    And both at the Lord and Copacabana one can often find real stunners like I've never seen at oil massages, even though it won't be cheaper than 5-6000 baht (plus the odious farang surcharge at the Lord).

    1. Hello,

      I'm mostly messing around in Kuala Lumpur not. Just helping a friend with some projects temporarily. But I travel back to Bangkok to check on things once in awhile like I did a few weeks ago.

      I've never written about Lord and Copa Cabana because I've had some really bad experiences there a while go. I might go back if there is a huge management change which often happens.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


    2. Thanks for the reply!

      Can you share a bit more about these bad experiences you had, or what went wrong?

      Personally, I never had a problem at Copa Cabana, whereas at The Lord I often find the floor managers quite grating.
      In a couple of occasions, they quoted a price when I asked, and then they added up 1000 baht or so just while I was about to pay, claiming they had gotten the wrong code-letter. It goes without saying that they were adding up the "farang surcharge", and trying to do that after you already chose the lady, so you are less likely to just back off and leave.
      So now I usually avoid the Lord most of the times.

      Having said this, yes the management sucks, but the girls are nothing to scoff about.

    3. Hello,

      My problem with the Lord is the surcharge. And also we got tossed out lol. When I say we, I meant I was with Thai friend/ business partner. We got too drunk after going to a few bars and when we got to Lord, at the time we saw some ugly girls and we started making fun of them. Management got tired of us and threw us out lol. I have to admit it was our fault and we were being disrespectful so we probably deserved it. I'll probably give it another year before I go back.

      I haven't been back to Copa for a long while because a couple of girls were fighting over me. One girl was a fishbowl girl and the other was a sideline girl. I kind of "dated" both girls and their fighting got really bad. This happened about 3 years ago and chances are they probably aren't even there anymore. But that's a minor problem. I had another major problem at Copa that is probably best kept secret lol.

      Anyways, the Lord is okay as long as you can afford it. Copa is good too. But I haven't been to both places in a long while which is the reason why I haven't mentioned them on this blog until I go back some day.


    4. Thanks for sharing the interesting backstory!
      Having girls fighting over you looks like a great problem to have, btw!

    5. Lol, I guess it is, but I don't mean to be over dramatic. This kind of "problem" can happen to any guy who keeps picking the same girls over and over again.

  4. Hi Jim,
    I used to get to your blog from the link on your website (bangkokredeye.com), but since the recent re-design the link to your blog on the right column seems to have disappeared.
    Is that intentional?

    1. Hello,

      Yes I took it out but I'm planning to add the link to my blog again. Probably at the top navigation menu when I have the time to get to it. Just wanted to make the link easier to find.


    2. Great!
      Since you are revising the website, you might want to fix a pretty prominent typo in the very first box to the right ("is PROSITUTION legal in Thailand?").


    3. Holy shit! How did I miss that lol! I am so retarded. Thanks for spotting it.


  5. Hi Jim, great blog!

    I am going back to Bangkok for the first time after many years (yes, I'm that old) and I have a very naive question.

    Can one buy viagra/kamagra or equivalent in any pharmacy without prescription in Bangkok?
    Or is it sold under the table, and only in certain shops? (in that case, any advices on which pharmacies?)

    Do you happen to know how much does it cost approximately?
    Just asking to make sure I don't get overcharged or scammed with prices that are too good to be true...

    I read there is a lot of fake viagra being sold around in Thailand. Is there any chance that one gets scammed with fake meds even at the pharmacy?

    Thank you!

    1. Patrick,

      Hey, if you're old you're in the right place. Just kidding. Don't worry about being old. If you've made it far in life might as well enjoy.

      Ok, I normally use Kamagra oral jelly. For me, Kamagra gets in my blood quicker. You don't need prescription. I don't use viagra and you don't need prescription for that here either.

      However, viagra makes my heart jump and I get this headache so I avoid it ever since.

      I buy my Kamagra at a local pharmacy near my home. I get a box of 20 packets of 100mg oral jelly for 1000THB. If you buy single packets it cost about 70THB, which is still reasonable.

      If you're in the Sukhumvit area, just head to a pharmacy that looks new and professional, there are many in that area that are reputable. Avoid the old dingy looking pharmacy shops. If you find too good to be true prices than as you know already avoid them.

      Definitely avoid the stuff sold in the sidewalks.

      Kamagra should cost around 70THB for a packet so you can use that price as a guideline. Because pharmacies in Sukhumvit usually charge higher or about the same price.

      I don't know about prices for viagra as I mentioned I don't buy them anymore.


    2. Thank you so much for the detailed answer: I can assure you that I'll put that to good use!

      Terrific blog you have here and great that you answer to the readers in the comments section!


  6. Hi James ,

    I will go to Bangkok during September . I would like to try a prostate massage . Where do you advise me to go ? I want a good one .

    1. Sam,

      You can go try Analisa, seems like the most popular place for that sort of thing. Though when you go just ask for girl that's experienced on PM.

      Just had a friend go last week who is very familiar with PM and said the massage girl didn't do a "pleasurable job".

      But he's been Analisa other times and had good experiences.

      I always read comments. It comes with the blogging territory lol!