Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Best Pick Up Bar in Bangkok Just Got Better

The Thermae Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 15 - The Best Pick Up Joint in Bangkok

I've done a review about the Thermae Bar in Bangkok before but it's time for an updated post. I've been a regular at the Thermae longer than I can remember. To me, it's simply the best spot to pick up Thai prostitutes in Bangkok. There's no need to pay a bar fine, no need to buy lady drinks unless you want to. And for the past week I've been keeping some friends company and we've been dropping by the Thermae nearly everyday. It was fun times indeed!

Like me, they prefer a quieter places to check out Bangkok's finest freelance hookers while chatting over our reasonably priced alcohol without shouting over loud blaring music. The Thermae is not a go go bar nor is it considered a beer bar.

The Thermae Bar is a perfect meeting point for friends who have a habit of running late. Because you can always check out the available working girls standing around the bar while waiting.

The bar has about 30 to 40 girls Thai working girls inside charging from 1200THB to 2000THB for short time. All of the girls do not work directly for the bar. So no need to pay a bar fine. And no need to by lady drinks either. But you should just to be nice and besides Thermae's prices for drinks are not crazy expensive like go go bars. The girls are just as happy to get up and go with you for a quick romp in the bed.

And as an added convenience you can always stay at the Ruamchitt Hotel, which is a very popular budget hotel right on Sukhumvit near the red light districts. If you're not a guess at the Ruamchitt you have to pay 500THB to use their rooms for 1 hour. Because Thermae Bar is right downstairs the Ruamchitt Hotel it is preferred by many of my friends on a budget. You can check for discount rates for Ruamchitt here.

Most of the girls inside are between 20 to 30 years of age. You may find a handful of Thai girls in their late teens. For guys looking for mature women the Thermae won't disappoint as well.

Take a good look at the video above and you'll get a good idea about the bar. I don't own the video but I wanted to show everyone what it's like to be inside. I tried taking photos inside (not of people of course) but it's just too dark inside and crowded to get a good pic on a camera phone. From the looks of the video it looks like it was recorded around 12am because there are so many ladies and customers guys standing around because no seats are available.

Before, I always told people to get to the Thermae at around 11pm, when the most girls pile inside looking for customers. Around 11pm there are at least 30 ladies while after 1am there could be around 40.

Now, for some reason there seems to be a lot of girls by 7pm. At least from what I counted there were around 20 and there were a handful of very cute girls.

Just like what I've said about the soapy massage parlors on my last post, there are now more new girls at the Thermae.

No ladyboys are allowed inside. It's like some kind of unwritten rule. However, if that's your flavor, there are usually around 6 ladyboys standing out of the Ruamchitt Hotel and Thermae Bar entrance. Be outside around 12am and you'll find about 12 dudes with tits trying to catch guys too drunk to tell the difference. Because some of those ladyboys look like models.

Thermae Bar Hooker Rates

This is really one of the best pick up joints in Bangkok because you can find cute Thai girls charge as low as 1500THB for short time. One friend took a lady who was in her late 30's for short time for 1000THB and he says she wasn't bad looking.

One cute Thai girl charged me 2000THB for short time and I get 2 shots. Yes, you can talk to the girls about how many times you can get off. A lot of the prostitutes inside Thermae are actually looking for multiple short time customers, where they can make the quickest Baht. From my experience if you ask them for long time rates after 12am to 1am they'll usually offer you cheaper rates. Long time rates you can expect to pay around 4000THB to 6000THB. As usual the more attractive the girl is the more expensive the price.

But I wouldn't try and be too cheap with them considering you don't have to pay for bar fines and overload them with lady drinks.

The "Jap Trap"

Thermae Bar has a reputation for overpriced Thai freelancers due to the high volume of Japanese customers, either Japanese expats our Japanese tourists. The Japanese have a reputation for paying absurd prices. I think it's a false stereotype. There are a lot of Europeans, Americans, Canadians, you name it that also pay crazy prices too.

And Thermae hookers also have a reputation for preferring Japanese men, which is kind of true. But don't let that fact make you miss out on visiting the Thermae.

I have met a lot of people that swear off going to the Thermae because of the "Jap Trap" reputation. If that were true there would only be Japanese inside. But it's not. If you go inside you'd find guys from all over the world.

No matter how you look at it, you can save a lot of money pickup up Thai freelancers at Thermae Bar. A can of cola cost 80THB, a bottle of beer cost a 100THB, there's zero bar fines to pay or pushy bar bar girls asking to buy drinks and tip money.


  1. Dear Jim,

    The prices that I paid while I picked up freelancers at Thermae were 2000-2500 baht for short-time.

    I was lucky enough to find a really beautiful girl for 4000 baht long time.

    But what I noticed is that all the hooker rates are 2x more than in Pattaya. I was not very happy to leave Pattaya when I found out that it was going to be so expensive in Bangkok. I got so used to paying only 1000 baht for short time.

    My next trip to Thailand is to go to Pattaya and maybe Chang Mai. How are prices in Chang Mai and other cities in Thailand?



    1. Bob,

      Yeah, everything in Bangkok is pretty much more expensive. I suppose the girls here charge more because cost of living like apartments and such as a little higher in Bangkok.

      But because there are so many girls at the Thermae you're bound to find one that fits your budget and taste.

      You'll find that Chang Mai prices are about the same as Pattaya. But just like anywhere else, the younger and prettier the girl is the more money they will charge regardless of the city.

      No matter what try and have a great time!


  2. I used to frequent the original Thermae in the early to mid nineties when it was just down the street next to the Miami Hotel. I have never found the current version terribly inspiring. The woman are very passive, most of them just standing around the perimeter waiting to be selected, not making eye contact (except maybe if you look Japanese). Not really my kind of scene. The old one used to be a lot of fun though, more like a party with girls who would smile and joke with you while you chatted them up.

    I don't really know if that kind of scene still exists anywhere, any suggestions?

    1. Hey then you're just as old as me!

      Today's Thermae is a different breed of pick up joints in Bangkok. Ladies in the sex industry these days, especially the younger and prettier ones aren't that active because they know eventually someone is going to take them out.

      Plus they use Line and WeChat to advertise their services too. So they've widened their playing field when it comes to hooking customers.

      So let's just say most ladies in Thermae these days are not as "active" when looking for customers.

      At least that's my observation.

      Sad to say the old Thermae is long gone and no other places has replaced it. That said, it's still one of the best place in Bangkok to find freelancers.