Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bangkok's Nataree Soapy Massage Got Raided

Last night Nataree Massage, one of my favorite soapy in Bangkok got paid a visit by the good ol' boys in brown. But don't worry, they weren't after customers. If the cops were they wouldn't go in on a Tuesday. They would do it on a weekend when Nataree is at it's busiest.

You see, Nataree always had this reputation for employing under-aged girls. Last nights police raid netted 10 girls under the age of 18. According to some reports foreigners employed by Nataree were arrested too. I am not aware of any foreigners working inside Nataree.

But I wouldn't be surprised if most of the under-aged girls were all not from Thailand.

At least 100 soapy and sideline girls were detained as well, take a look at http://news.sanook.com/2008094/ and you'll see a photo of Nataree's lobby filled with corner to corner prostitutes. According to the report the police did a 3 month undercover operation. That must have been a lot of fun. I can just imagine the amount of investigators clamoring to be involved in the case.

From the reports I've seen, no customers were arrested. This was strictly an operation to stop under-aged prostitutes.

I called one of the papasans I am friendly with in Nataree and he didn't want to say too much. But he says they should be back to business as normal in a few days.

Nataree Massage is located in Huay Kwang along Ratchadapisek Road. If you're not familiar with that area there are about 5 other soapies in the immediate vicinity. Nataree just had a bad night and got caught with under-aged sex workers.

For all the other soapy massage parlors in the area it's business as usual.