Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Not a Bad Way to Spend a Rainy Day...

Last week I made a quick trip back to Bangkok to check on my home again because of all the rain that's been pouring down.

So I had a chance to meet up with a few friends for a beer and then move on to get an oil massage somewhere along Sukhumvit Soi 22. I'll make a map of this soi soon there are a bunch of oil massage shops. Some look like there's no funny business going on inside but from the looks and playfulness of the massage girls outside of the shops I think they'll do more than just rub your backs.

Anyways we decided to head over to BKK48 Massage. I haven't been there in awhile but the times that I went I've always had a pretty good experience.

When we got there we saw a piece of paper taped to the storefront saying they are closed on July 4th for renovations. But we got there the day after and they were still closed. I would like to go back and check out what kind renovations they're going through.

Maybe because of all trouble brewing for the soapy massage parlors in Huay Kwang many oil massage parlors are putting in bathtubs to pick up the slack. I know Angels Massage put in some jacuzzis as an extra option for customers looking for a soapy experience.

I also passed by Bit Style Massage which is just a few shops away from BKK48 Massage. We were tempted to just go in since started raining heavy again. I didn't really have a good time there last year but maybe it's about time I head back there for another look see.

However, one of my friends suggested we head over to Analisa Massage. This is the same guy that introduced me to Analisa in the first place. That's because he likes having a finger in his ass while getting jacked off.

Never been to this room in Analisa

There's even a sofa. Analisa is also well known for freaky services.

Getting a "prostate massage" is something I don't like personally but Analisa has some girls with some decent massage skills. The hand job or blow job afterwards is just a nice finish. So I didn't mind heading over there again.

I didn't even bother choosing a girl this time. Analisa girls are okay when it comes to looks but they are better known for their services. And I did get a good massage with a nice BJ finish. This time though the massage girls used a cherry flavored condom on me with a slight thinner material. The last few times I've been to Analisa the girls used these industrial strength condoms and I couldn't feel a thing.

So a good change at Analisa.

Finally if you've been following what's been happening around on the soapy massage scene in Huay Kwang it seems like Nataree is still closed with Alaina Massage being affected too. Both are owned by the same guy.

From what I've been reading it seems like the owner hasn't been playing nice with the authorities. Which is one of the reasons why Nataree and Alaina closed for now.

All the other soapies along Ratchada have not been affected and it's business as usual. But if you're scared to go check one out for now I suggest going to the oil massage shops along Phrom Phong that you may search on this blog.

Personally I've always favored the oil massage shops.