Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dining At The Y and Getting BJs

Going Down on Thai Hookers - Good Idea or Not?

I get tons of emails from guys asking me if it's safe to eat out a Thai hooker's pussy. Dining at the Y or DATY for short. Just picture a girl with her legs up in the air and you'll get the picture.

The easy answer is no. Of all the years I've been messing around with prostitutes I have only went down on one or two girls. But those girls were hot, on the 1 to 10 scale they were a 12 and a very good friend of mine paid a lot of Baht to get those girls for me.

But I haven't been one to perform cunnilingus on any women. Not even when I was still married to my ex-wife.  And one of the reasons why she divorced me I suppose. I just find it unappealing. But that's me. If you enjoy go for it. But I'd prefer sticking my face in a rare T-Bone steak.

Though there is another reason why I don't enjoy DATY on any hookers. Let's use a bit of visual reinforcement here.

Picture yourself at a go go bar. If you're reading this and inside a go go bar now this will be a lot more effective.

Take a good look at the customers sitting next to you on your left. Now take a long hard look to your right. Notice they are all a bunch of degenerate mouth breathers. Now imagine all of them pile driving into a bar girl in a short time room. You still want to put your mouth on that? It's up to you. To me, that's just plain old nasty.

I have a lot of friends who enjoy DATY. As much as they claim to regret doing it afterwards they still do it! Though I think a few stopped after catching herpes. So yes, you can catch nasty STDs!

But there is another way I always look at it. When I'm with a Thai hooker I want her to pleasure me. I'm paying for it after all. If she wanted me to pleasure her she has got to pay me or at least give me a discount. Performing cunnilingus has never given me pleasure. So why the hell should I do it?

My goal is to bang as many women as I can like the late great Wilt Chamberlain. To date I believe I'm just short 19,900.

Getting BJs in Bangkok

I also get a lot of questions asking me if bare back blow jobs are safe from Thai hookers. The answer is there is still a risk of catching something infectious like a drippy dick. You can still get genital herpes on the receiving end of a BJ. As of yet, you can't catch anything that pills and shots can't take care of.

That said, I am guilty. I've had a lot of uncovered blow jobs from Thai hookers. Every year I get a complete check up and I'm clean as a whistle (knock on wood).

But that's because I make my own judgements and I set my own limits on the risk I'm willing to take with Thai prostitutes.

I avoid BJ's from Thai girls wearing braces. Cause let's just face it. Metal braces rubbing on your shaft is just an invitation to disaster.

But hey I get it. Even though there is a certain risk of catching something I still can't resist a BJ from a pretty girl. And my smile turns into a frown when she whips out a condom and gives me a covered BJ.  And if she does I will never object to it. And you shouldn't either as she's only doing this for her safety as well as yours.