Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dining At The Y and Getting BJs

Going Down on Thai Hookers - Good Idea or Not?

I get tons of emails from guys asking me if it's safe to eat out a Thai hooker's pussy. Dining at the Y or DATY for short. Just picture a girl with her legs up in the air and you'll get the picture.

The easy answer is no. Of all the years I've been messing around with prostitutes I have only went down on one or two girls. But those girls were hot, on the 1 to 10 scale they were a 12 and a very good friend of mine paid a lot of Baht to get those girls for me.

But I haven't been one to perform cunnilingus on any women. Not even when I was still married to my ex-wife.  And one of the reasons why she divorced me I suppose. I just find it unappealing. But that's me. If you enjoy go for it. But I'd prefer sticking my face in a rare T-Bone steak.

Though there is another reason why I don't enjoy DATY on any hookers. Let's use a bit of visual reinforcement here.

Picture yourself at a go go bar. If you're reading this and inside a go go bar now this will be a lot more effective.

Take a good look at the customers sitting next to you on your left. Now take a long hard look to your right. Notice they are all a bunch of degenerate mouth breathers. Now imagine all of them pile driving into a bar girl in a short time room. You still want to put your mouth on that? It's up to you. To me, that's just plain old nasty.

I have a lot of friends who enjoy DATY. As much as they claim to regret doing it afterwards they still do it! Though I think a few stopped after catching herpes. So yes, you can catch nasty STDs!

But there is another way I always look at it. When I'm with a Thai hooker I want her to pleasure me. I'm paying for it after all. If she wanted me to pleasure her she has got to pay me or at least give me a discount. Performing cunnilingus has never given me pleasure. So why the hell should I do it?

My goal is to bang as many women as I can like the late great Wilt Chamberlain. To date I believe I'm just short 19,900.

Getting BJs in Bangkok

I also get a lot of questions asking me if bare back blow jobs are safe from Thai hookers. The answer is there is still a risk of catching something infectious like a drippy dick. You can still get genital herpes on the receiving end of a BJ. As of yet, you can't catch anything that pills and shots can't take care of.

That said, I am guilty. I've had a lot of uncovered blow jobs from Thai hookers. Every year I get a complete check up and I'm clean as a whistle (knock on wood).

But that's because I make my own judgements and I set my own limits on the risk I'm willing to take with Thai prostitutes.

I avoid BJ's from Thai girls wearing braces. Cause let's just face it. Metal braces rubbing on your shaft is just an invitation to disaster.

But hey I get it. Even though there is a certain risk of catching something I still can't resist a BJ from a pretty girl. And my smile turns into a frown when she whips out a condom and gives me a covered BJ.  And if she does I will never object to it. And you shouldn't either as she's only doing this for her safety as well as yours.


  1. Great to see a new post!

    I know this is not really related to the topic of the post, but I was wondering if you heard of an upscale sopay called Tarawadee.
    I heard it's not cheap, but that's fine: the real question is whether you get what you pay for.


  2. Mike,

    Tarawadee used to be one of my best kept secrets! But I haven't been there for a while since bus loads of main land Chinese tourists have invaded Tarawadee. It's always been popular with Chinese tourists but it wasn't as much before.

    Now it's like an invasion lol. I have nothing against Chinese people and even Chinese outside of China will tell you the main landers can be a real pain in the ass lol.

    Anyways, Tarawadee is still a good soapy mainly because they have a large selection of soapy massage girls, about 75 to 100 not including side liners.

    I've always meant to go there recently but now I'm in Malaysia for a little while. I might go there when I get back to Bangkok next month.

    If you're going there anytime soon let me know how it is and what you think.


    1. Hi Jim, thanks for answering!

      I think I know what you mean regarding the mainlanders. I have been in the PRC a few times and let's say it can take time to get used to certain social behaviours.

      Still, such a huge selection of girls (plus sideliners, awesome!) is nothing to be scoffed at. If I have the opportunity (the place is a bit off the main path) I'll visit Tarawadee during my next trip to Bangkok and report.


    2. Thanks Mike, looking forward to your experiences!

  3. Dear Jim,

    I really enjoyed this posting. I usually get uncovered BJs from Thai hookers. Oral sex is considered relatively safe since you are unlikely to catch AIDS/HIV from doing either giving BJs or DATY.

    I think it's really important shower first before having sex. This way you can get rid of bacteria that may not be STDs but may get you ill because they don't belong to you. Luckily, most Thai hookers are really good about showering first-- thus, I don't mind going down on a Thai hooker sometimes. I think it make her appreciate you more and you get a more willing fuck partner.



    1. DATYman,

      Yes, it may be unlikely to catch AIDS/HIV from oral sex. However, there is the HPV which according to doctors can cause cancer of throat. Don't want to go into that you can look it up yourself on google.

      A few of my friends got some bad cases of herpes from DATY with hookers in China. It was treated with meds but still a major inconvenience.

      Don't mean to be a downer on this subject. For me personally I just think it's a waste of my time lol to DATY.

      Bottom line is as thrilling as it is to hook up with any ladies even if not P4P we should be careful where we stick our dicks and tongues.

      Cheers, and thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. HPV can lead to throat cancer and is a leading cause of cervical cancer and causes genital warts.

      HPV is nasty. There are vaccines for this...I don't know why people are not getting the vaccines.

      While it's rare to get HIV from oral sex, it is not impossible.

      Herpe is a recurring infection - meaning that it will never go away, it will continue to recur for the rest of your life.

      Not to be a party pooper but educate yourself, use protection at all time, get tested and get treated if necessary.

      Have fun and be safe!

  4. Hi Jim,

    was browsing your blog and I just noticed your post about Thermae Bar. I know it has been there for a while but this is the first time I've seen it.

    Looks very interesting, as I have a weak spot for hot sideliners.

    Question: if I pick up girls for short-time, do I have to rent one of the rooms at Ruamchitt hotel, or are they willing to follow me to another hotel in the area?

    Also, what's the best time to visit in your opinion? You wrote that there are a lot of girls already there around 7pm but then the most crowded time seems to be 1am.


    1. Mike,

      At the Thermae you have the option to rent a room upstairs Ruamchit Hotel I think it's like 300THB or 500THB I forget.

      But if you want her to go to your hotel if it is nearby and she can get back to Thermae easily shouldn't be a problem at all.

      Check with her first, she might ask a little bit more money for a motor cycle taxi or something, but shouldn't be much more.


    2. Hi Jim,

      I have been at Thermae last Friday. I don't know how things were when you last reviewed it, but it was totally empty and in fact still closed at 7:30pm when I first got there.
      Indeed, the sign on the door states 8pm to 1am as opening time.

      Went back a few hours later.
      Your description of the place is quite accurate, however – and sadly – it is really not a substitute for that wonder that Nataree used to be with its 70+ sideliners on weekend nights.

      I think I saw around 30 girls when it was most crowded.
      That would be quite good of course, except that:
      - The place is very dark, and it is not easy and comfortable to have a really good look at the girls.
      - This is not a soapy, where you just choose, point and are ready to go. The girls can and will turn patrons down quite frequently, just by purposely avoiding any eye-contact. Nothing wrong with it, of course, but I just note that it could get a bit disheartening or frustrating for punters who are not used to this.


    3. Mike,

      That's cause of all the heavy rain that's going on right now in and around Bangkok. Most of the working girls don't live right in the Sukhumvit area. And some of those areas are experiencing severe and long heavy downpours so they can't get out.

      I'm in Kuala Lumpur now but I've got webcams placed around and I can see this month's got some serious rain.

      Working girls live a bit further out in affordable apartments. They will stay home if it rains too heavy because they can't get to the hairdresser and won't look as pretty when the rain ruins their makeups.

      That said, you're not going to score 100% at Thermae, but it's still the best place to find freelancers.


  5. Jim,

    I went to Thailand last year and knocked up a bunch of girls. Yeah, I got a lot of uncovered blowjobs too. But what I noticed after my trip is that my dick and groin area got really itchy. However, after a few week I was back to normal.

    Does this happen to you too? What's your take on it?



    1. Glen,

      I'm no doc but sounds like a skin allergy. Could be from the cheap creams, lotions and perfumes working girls like to buy and use.

      If it went away you should be fine.

      Yes I've had this problem before but it's not from fooling around with
      hookers. I get this itchy rash around my waist and groin area when the weather is humid and I'm walking around so I'm sweating.

      I switched to wearing boxers and that really helped a lot.


  6. Jim,

    is it just me, or in Bangkok it has become suddenly difficult to find Kamagra in pharmacies?

    I used to buy Kamagra packets (oral jelly, the ones produced by ajanta) very easily but this time I haven't managed yet. Was there a clampdown in Thailand on these kind of things?

    I have tried at almost a dozen pharmacies along Sukhumvit, and they all told me either that they don't have it, or that there is "no licence in Thailand".

    The guy at a chain pharmacy (not Watson's, the other one) even told me "try Nana on the street". WTF, on the street? No way. Hilarious he would suggest that.

    Finally, I found an old dingy shop where the pharmacist tried to sell me 3 sachets for 390 baht. The jelly was also recently expired, btw. I did not fall for that of course, although it's annoying that they tried to scam me at a supposedly legit shop.

    So long story short: no luck yet.
    Could you please tell me of any specific pharmacy where you know they sell the stuff?
    It does not need to be in Sukhumvit, at this point I'll happily go to any location that's not too remote.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Hey Jason,

      I haven't heard of a shortage of Kamagra. I use it myself and there's this place I always go near my home that carries it but it is remote.

      I'll check with a friend of mine now and waiting for answer.

      You bring up a great point never buy on the street and if the shop looks like crap I wouldn't buy from there either.

      Hopefully I can get you an answer soon.


  7. I like using saran wrap as protection from STDs before giving oral to her.