Monday, September 5, 2016

Pretty Dolls in Kuala Lumpur

An Early Christmas Gift from Yours Truly

After writing about my sex adventures in Kuala Lumpur where I'm residing now temporarily on this blog post about KL sex saunas and spas, I've been getting a lot of emails asking me to spill more beans about KL's nightlife and sex industry.

Like Thailand, prostitution is technically illegal in Malaysia. But it's tolerated.

KL is not really well known as a hot bed of Asian prostitutes to most foreigners like Bangkok is. But the pay for play scene in KL is alive and kicking. Even though prostitution is illegal in KL, you can very easily find hookers to keep you company.

For example check out prettydoll888.com. I think this is the same group that ran JJ Spa. This is one of the best kept secrets I can divulge to the rest of you perverts looking to pay to spend some time with some very pretty girls.

Uzbek or not Uzbek? But damn she was fine and hot!

They provide girls from China, Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia. But they also have girls from Russia, "Uzbekistan" and "Korea".

I put Korea in quotes because I've been with a few of their "Korean Girls" but I eventually found out they are not Korean at all.

I know more than a few Korean words and I've even lived in South Korea in the late 90's briefly. When I tried to speak to them all I got were awkward smiles.

So where the f**k are they from? If I had to make an educated guess, I would say the few "Korean" girls I paid for are from Mongolia.

Why the charade? If you don't know it by now these days Korean girls are hot and in demand to Southeast Asian males. South Korean girl bands look amazing in their music videos and you can bet your ass that a lot of Malaysian dudes were spanking their monkeys to Girl's Generation videos like I have.

Besides real Korean hookers can make a shit load more money in South Korea than they can in Malaysia. So there would be no reason at all why Korean hookers would want to go to KL for work. Not unless they're from North Korea but that's a whole different story.

Prettydoll888 is capitalizing on that fact that local Malay men would love to have a go at desirable Korean women. But if they can't get real Korean girls they might as well get the next best thing.

Which is women from Mongolia. That's right, I think the women advertised in Prettydoll888 as Korean actually hail from Mongolia. And they cost RM280 for 45 minutes and 1 shot.

You'll see on Prettydoll888 that they also have women from "Uzbekistan" costing RM230 for 45 minutes 1 shot too. If you look at their website you'll see that their Uzbek girls look Asian. Although that is possible, are they really from Uzbekistan? I can't speak Russian but I'm willing to bet their Uzbek girls are actually from Mongolia too.

You can find Prettydoll888 on premise of Q House Hotel in Kuala Lumpur

Now they do have a few Russian girls and I can confidently confirm that Prettydoll888 actually have girls from Russia. I banged and spoke to them that's how I know. Russian girls cost RM330 for 45 minutes and 1 shot too.

Personally, I don't really care for where their girls come from. I just know Prettydoll888 girls are hot. The group that runs these girls really know how to select their girls and I applaud them for it. And it's hard to share this bit of information with the rest of you perverts.

China girls price start from RM230. Indonesian and Vietnamese girls start at RM180 and are the cheapest.

But Here's How to Find Prettydoll888 in KL

The nearest KL Monorail station to Q Hotel is called Medan Tuanku station in Chow Kit.

Prettydoll888 is inside of the Q Hotel Kuala Lumpur for incall service.  It was formerly called the Citrus Hotel and this is a decent budget hotel in the city if you're planning to fool around in KL. It's not a 4 star hotel more like a 2 or 3 star. And I can tell you from experience their beds are quite comfortable.

Prettydoll888 operates from the 3rd to 5th floor of the hotel. There's no spa or massage service. It's a straight up bang and go shop. They pretty much booked most of the rooms on those floors.

Don't mind the Citrus Hotel name on the map it is not updated. Q Hotel recently took over .

Sorry guys, I didn't make a video walking to Q Hotel because the walk takes about 10 minutes and I have to cross a few roads with a lot of traffic. But believe me it's easy to find Q Hotel, especially when you use google maps.

The main entrance of Q Hotel

Q Hotel Elevator in lobby. Remember, head to either 3rd, 4th or 5th floor to find the guys working for Prettydoll888

The eastern side of Q Hotel. You will see this building while walking towards Q Hotel.

When you get to the floor you meet a guy sitting right outside the elevator. Just say Prettydoll and tell them what girl you're looking for. Let's just call he guy what he really is which is a pimp.

Q Hotel elevators. Not sure why but this ugly green is in a lot of KL business establishments.

Or you can ask to see every girl available. The pimp will take you to each room they're staying in. I recommend visually inspecting the girls up front. They don't look exactly like their photos,  but very close. And most of the girls are quite beautiful regardless.

The pimps that manage the girls can speak English so no problems at all communicating with them. And one important thing to note is you pay the girls directly. You don't pay the pimps. And tipping is not necessary. Not unless you want to or course.

Prettydoll888 is also an escort service in KL. Just check their website for outcall rates.

So there it is. An early gift from yours truly. Enjoy!