Saturday, October 29, 2016

An Update on Your Upcoming Visit to Bangkok and Pattaya

A Quick Rundown

Although I'm still in Malaysia my friends living in Bangkok and Pattaya have kept me updated on what's been happening since the passing of Thailand's beloved King.

From the onset it seemed the government was initiating a complete and utter shut down of entertainment venues indefinitely.

As of now the government has deemed that type of policy would utterly destroy tourism. And it would. Even though the country's red light districts doesn't account as a large percentage according to official figures. But to me it would make a noticeable dent.

Go Go Bars Are Open (Sort of)

Go Go bars in Bangkok and Pattaya are operating but not as usual. You'll notice things will be slightly quieter or muffled. Loud thumping music is which a prerequisite for bars have lowered their decibels out of respect.

Though in Pattaya go go bars were closing earlier, around 1am. Not sure how long that will go on but not long is my guess.

But it's business as usual.

Oil and Soapy Massage

These joints have not been affected at all. Since no loud music is played inside and the doors are already closed.

Beer Bars and Street Hookers

Ladies have to eat. You'll still find freelancers on the streets as well as in beer bars. Don't be alarmed. They'll be dressed either in black or white or both. It's just out of respect again.

Probably a good idea for you to pack a few black or white shirts as well for your trip.


  1. Hi James,

    Ive just returned from my 4 day 3 night escapade in Bangkok and happy to update that I would say its pretty much business as usual for the sex industry in Bangkok except that loud music at pubs and go-go bars are generally muted. The sex tourist crowds are still there nevertheless. Girls are still in abundance. In soapy parlours many girls were not even dressed in black. I only notice those working in go-go bars and pubs who are dressed in black bikinis. Oh ya an important update. Emmanuelle is now back in business. Cheers

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Jim! Much appreciated. Fancy a beer or two? I get to Bangkok on Nov 21. I am a regular reader of your blog and red-eye websites. Best, Rohit