Friday, October 7, 2016

Back in Bangkok for a Few Days

Because of all the rain that's been going on I had to head back to my house in Bangkok. The neighborhood I live in is prone to flooding like most of the city is.

So far everything is okay. But for the businesses in the red light districts maybe it's not so good. With all the rain ladies working in the industry can't get to work.

Since the majority of working girls live away from Sukhumvit or Patpong where the red light districts are centered, ladies can have a difficult time getting to freelance bars and go go bars.

This doesn't mean go go bars will be empty. Because bar girls get penalized if they don't get their asses to work. So there is motivation for girls to get into their bikinis and shake their asses in front of customers' faces.

Freelance bars are a whole different story. I went over to Thermae on a particularly rainy night around 11pm and the place was not as packed as it could be. Even customers seem to have stayed in their hotel rooms as one of my favorite waiters told me it's been quiet.

We're in October now which is the final leg of the rainy season in Thailand. But this rainy weather seems quite peculiar and stubborn so who knows it might even go well into November which is the start of the cool season. It's happened before.

So What's a Guy to Do?

Well I already mentioned many bar girls can't get to their places of work. That doesn't mean there's a shortage of ladies to bar fine and take back to your hotel room. But there is no doubt many establishments are quieter. But you didn't fly halfway around the world for nothing right? And you don't want to stay inside your hotel room and jerk off all by your lonesome self, right?

One alternative is to head to Phrom Phong's oil massage parlors. If you do a search on a blog here I've written extensive posts on oil massage parlors. These joints don't just polish your knob. They do full service.

Pretty much all oil massage shops in Phrom Phong have massage girls living on premise. Though the better looking massage girls live just a little bit further away because they can afford it.

And Phrom Phong has a lot of decent hotels nearby that are very close to the massage shops.

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  1. Jim,

    The King of Thailand just passed away. There's talk that the country's entertainment centers will close for a month. OMG. Is Nana Plaza really going to shut down for an entire month? Will they close Pattaya's Walking Street for that long too? Should we wait an entire month before coming to Thailand?