Friday, October 14, 2016

What to Expect in Thailand the Coming Months...

Info for Travelers Too Late to Cancel Their Trips to Thailand's Red Light Districts...

Traditionally the month of October kicks off the high season for visitors heading to Bangkok or Pattaya for the red light districts.

But after the recent death of the King of Thailand the country is in a state of mourning. How long will the country mourn for now is hard to say. King Bhumibol Adulyadej is much beloved and revered in the country so it's safe to say it could be a long while.

I Can't Cancel My Trip, What Can I Do?

Even though your choices for finding Thai working girls has been reduced, anyone can still find what they're looking for here in Bangkok or Pattaya.

In general, any establishment playing loud music will have to shut down. Because loud music is equated with celebration. So without a question go go bars will remain closed. Until when I'm not sure.

Which is very bad news for Nana, Patpong, Soi Cowboy in Bangkok and Walking Street out in Pattaya. I've never been a big fan of overpriced go go bars anyways. But they certainly are a great place to hang out with a group of friends and enjoy going in once in awhile.

Oil Massage Shops and Soapies Are Still Your Best Options

Because oil massage shops and soapies do not play loud music and not really a "celebratory" type of business they will remain open. However, some of those businesses may close for a few days or up to a week as a show of respect.

And I've been saying this for a long time, oil massage shops in Bangkok is the best place to find good looking girls and the price is cheaper than go go bars. And there are many nice affordable hotels near the oil massage shops.

Freelance Thai Hookers in Beer Bars, Discos and Clubs

Beer bars can most likely remain open as alcohol can still be sold. Beer bars such as the ones found around Nana Soi 4 and Soi 7 Beer Garden can be open for business. They just can not play loud music.

Thermae sell alcohol and yes they do have music. But much like beer bars they don't have to turn it on. Freelance Thai hookers in Thermae will most likely be dressed in black or white as a show of respect though. But you can still pick them up.

After hour discos and clubs however is a total different story. These types of venues depend on  music in ear splitting decibels to draw in customers and street hookers.

I never really promoted escort services either because I don't find much use for them. However, due to the recent situation, I'm guessing a lot of go go girls that are temporarily unemployed may look for work at an escort service.

But if you don't want to pay crazy escort rate prices I suggest looking at WeChat, Tinder (or Grindr if that's cup of tea).

Bangkok Backpage has been used by a lot of my friends looking to save some money on hooking up with Thai girls with a lot of success.

The Bottom Line

Any business catering to sex tourists in Thailand playing loud music and dancing will be closed until further notice.

Sex workers in Thailand have to work and earn money. If they don't they'll starve and get thrown out of their apartments. If you've known a working girl long enough you will find out that they spend money as fast as they can make it.

And there's no way in hell they're going to work at a "normal" job after the taste of fast money.

With all the go go bar girls temporarily unemployed they have to go somewhere to find customers right?

My guess is you're going to find more girls inside beer bars and perhaps on the streets of Sukhumvit. There could be a lot more sex workers outside of Nana Plaza Hotel's parking lot and between Nana Soi 4 down to Sukhumvit Soi 15.

If you're still traveling to Thailand this month or the next you might want to pack some black or white shirts as a show of respect as well.


  1. Thanks for the info.

    I have a trip to Thailand booked in several weeks, so for me no real worry regarding the imminent closure of entertainment venues.
    I am more concerned about the future of the country, as it looks like the situation could become unstable. The beloved monarch was the one firm pillar while Thailand went through a lot in the past 70 years. Hopefully common sense will prevail.


    1. Mike,

      Looks like common sense as prevailed. Much of the entertainment restrictions look like it will last just a short time. At least that's what is being reported for now.


  2. From Pattaya One...


    "Thailand shuts down"

    "It has been announced there will be a public display of respect and mourning in Thailand for thirty-days."

    "There will be no entertainment programs on radio or television. No music, no comedy and no soap series. Every Thai channel will broadcast royal daily news continuously."

    "All entertainment events have been cancelled for thirty-days. There will be no concerts, live music, stage shows or competitions."

    "Many nightclubs and go go bars have already closed down and will remain closed as a mark of respect."

    "Some bars have been told to close for three-days, others have been shut down for seven days."

    "More information will be shared as it becomes available."


  3. Can anyone confirm if bossy Bangkok is permanantely shut down?

    1. Nothing is permanently shut down. The most recent news is bars are allowed to open but they just have to do so with the music down and doors closed.

      For Bossy in particular they might be closed a little longer and I don't know how they're going to keep their music down

  4. Thanks for the reply James..what I meant to ask was that I was reading on the internet and blogs is that bossy club has permanantely shut down in September...just wanted to confirm if the news is true..

    1. I remember about a month ago one of my friends said he went to Bossy just last month.

      I do remember it was closed down due to some internal issues with the owners.

      If I hear of anything I'll update you here.

    2. Many thanks for the reply..I will await to hear from you on status of bossy...thanks again...

    3. No problem. I'm curious as well if they're still open too. I had a lot of fun at Bossy. That was when I was still young enough to bear loud music.

    4. Haha...you and me share the same experience..even I had a lot of fun at bossy..if it's closed down would feel a little sad :)..

    5. Hi James any update on bossy?

    6. So far from what I have learned it has been closed last month like you mentioned. Now I'm not certain if it's because of the military government. If so, after hour clubs like bossy usually open back up when smoke clears.

      It's hard to say for sure now so sorry I can't get you a definite answer yet.

      But when I find out what's really going on I'll be sure to write a new blog post.


    7. Thanks James for the quick revert...

  5. Hi James, can you update on what is current price for freelancers in mixx club bangkok (Russians and thai's)..thanks..

    1. I've never picked up Russians inside Mixx before but their rates start around 3000 or 4000 for short time. I don't think they do long time but I don't know every Russian hooker. So I suppose if the price is right they'll go with you for overnight.

      Thai freelancers in Mixx usually ask for around 2500 for short time.

      Keep in mind not all hookers in Mixx charge the same price. It all depends on how young they are,how desperate they are for money and how beautiful they are.

      Bottom line is old ugly Thai hookers are cheap.

    2. Thanks for the reply...what I have read on internet is it safe to assume mixx has the best russian and Thai freelancers?