Wednesday, May 30, 2018

2018 Updated Map of Nana Entertainment Plaza

Lots of Changes to NEP for 2018...

A few days ago I updated my floor plan map of Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP). I've stepped foot inside every single one of those bars for the past month and half and I swear I developed a serious hearing loss because of the club music. 

Been inside a lot of bar girls too while I was there also. Ladyboys are still off limits to me and I've never crossed that line yet. Speaking about ladyboys today NEP has lots of all ladyboy go go bars. It's starting to look like Patpong red light district.

I don't have anything against transexuals and to see such a strong presence today at NEP just shows there is a demand for them in Bangkok's sex industry.

There are still may fine go go bars with real girls at NEP many of them looking like they've had some big renovations done.

On my newest maps of NEP I also listed prices of bar fines for each and every single go go bar in the complex.

I will be working on updating my oil massage and Soi Cowboy maps soon as there are only slight changes in those areas.


  1. Wow... I like how you detailed the bar fines for each place!

    1. Yeah cause I know that's pretty much what a lot of readers want to know. Used to be 500THB for bar fines but prices have gone up but not by much through the years.