Monday, May 21, 2018

Bangkok's Soapy Massage vs. Oily Massage - Which is Better?

2018 Short Guide to Bangkok's Special Massage Shops

After spending 3 months back in Bangkok I've noticed there are some changes in regards to Bangkok's notorious happy ending massage shops.

It is clear though that oily massage shops are faring much better. But first, for the newbies sake, lets dive into the differences between the two briefly.

Bangkok Soapy Massage:

These establishments are mainly located in Huay Kwang an area slightly north Soi Cowboy. But very easy to get to via MRT subway train at MRT Huay Kwang Station, just 4 short stops from MRT Sukhumvit Station. There are two types of ladies available for 1 hour service.

The Service:

Once you pick your girl she'll lead you up to a room upstairs. There's a bath tub where she'll start filling with hot water. When the tub is full both of you get in and she'll start washing your bits with soap. And yes, the water gets soapy.

She'll then proceed to get your juices flowing with some foreplay including sliding her well soaped up body against yours. When that's over she'll wash of the soap and then it's off to the bed to finish the deal. Afterwards she'll get you cleaned up again.

  • Sideliner - These are basically freelancers working part time in soapy. Sideliner rates start from 2000THB depending on age and beauty.
  • Models - Not all soapy massage shops have models. Usually the higher end establishments have them like Poseidon and Utopia. Model category girls start from 3000THB for 45 minutes.
  • Fishbowl - They sit behind a glass window (hence fishbowl). These ladies start from 1800THB depending on establishment, plus age and beauty.
  • All the available girls are sitting where you can inspect them easily.
  • Soapy massage parlors do not provide outcall services.
After your final clean up you get dressed up and lead down back to the lobby by your soapy girl. You can give tips if you like but only tip if you like the service and would like to see her again. You're more then welcome to sit around and check out the other ladies and take some names so you know who to look for when you go back.

Bangkok Oily Massage:

Personally I like oily massage shops and prefer them over soapy. These special ending massage establishments are located primarily in the Sukhumvit Road area and you can find a map of these shops here as well as reviews.

So oily massage parlors these days have smartened up and started adding bath tubs to some of their rooms where they'll charge an extra 200THB to 500THB as an option for more fun. For example Angels Massage has added that option for 200THB so you can hop into a bath tub with your chosen girl.

One of the massage rooms at Paradise Massage

The Service:

Once you picked your girl she'll take you to your room. Typically the rooms have a shower stall a bed and maybe some mirrors. Again you get washed off in the shower stall with perhaps a bit of foreplay though not all girls do it. Depends on the girls' attitude. Then on to the bed for a bit of massage and then foreplay and action. You'll get another chance to shower afterwards.

  • The same pricing structure for all the ladies.
  • You can pay for 1 hour, 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours massage.
  • Some oil massage shops now offer soapy services.
  • Special options can be added on for extra such as: Nuru gel massage; 4 hands massage; testicles massage; prostate massage and even S&M. Take a look at https://www.paradisemassagebangkok.com I highly recommend their services.
  • Depending on the oil massage shop some girls are sitting out where you can see them and some have photo books like Angels Massage and Premier 101. I do not recommend relying on photos. Ask to see the ladies up front. Trust me on this one.
  • Outcall services are provided for a few hundred Baht extra
Once you get dressed the massage girl will lead you back downstairs where you're usually offered tea or water. You can also give a tip a the moment but again, only if you enjoyed her service. Otherwise, don't bother tipping.

Many oil massage shops these days provide quick and cheap services like hand jobs and blow jobs for 500THB to 1000THB for 30 minutes too They are strict on time so if you can't get it up or shoot in 30 minutes they'll charge you extra. I'll provide more info on these shops coming up soon.

So those are the differences.

What's the similarities between soapy and oil massage? You're never going to get a really good massage. I know a lot of guys expecting a real Thai massage these days. But 10 years ago yes you could get a decent Thai massage. I even had ladies from soapy clean cut and clean my nails.

But times are different. So if you're coming and expecting a decent massage get used to disappointment. In a way, the massage shops already know you're just there to have sex. Which is their primary service, not massage.


As you can see there's just lots more to pick and choose and do at a oily massage compared to soapy. I know guys that come to Bangkok stay exclusively near oil massage shops just so they can get to one easily from their hotel. And there are many good affordable hotels near oil massage shops you can find here.

Okay so now you know what the differences or similarities are between soapy and oily massage I really think you should check it out.

One thing I noticed is that these types of special massage shops in Bangkok are not as buys as go go bars and beer bars where most foreigners go to get laid.

If you think about it, it's cheaper too. You can get full service for about 2300THB. There's no need to buy drinks for your self or for a lady and no need to pay bar fines.

When you compare the amount of customers at a go go bar in Nana or Soi Cowboy and Patpong to the customers at massage shops you'll notice there are a lot less customers. Why? I have no idea. My guess is most people are scared to go maybe.

I have a Canadian friend who is a veteran in the go go bar scene for over a decade but never once in his life stepped into an oily massage or soapy massage establishment. He just likes watching girls on stage twirling around I suppose but no matter how much I egg him to go for an oily he just won't budge. And I know a lot of guys just like him with the same attitude.

Looking for Day Time Action - Head to an Oily Massage

Most oily massage shops in Bangkok open around noon time. But for day time action it's best to go in between 1pm to 2pm so that more girls are available for you to pick and choose from.

Even though oily massage shops are not as heavily visited as go go bars there are peak still peak business hours. I find that most oily massage shops are busiest from 7pm to 12pm from Fridays to Sunday.

I typically go around Wednesdays or Thursdays about 3pm. Or if I have a favorite oil massage girl I just make a phone call ahead and set up an appointment.


  1. Soapies are really overrated. I like the Japanese style massages in Phrom Phong district. The menu and pricing is upfront and honest.

    1. Yes! My thoughts exactly. However, I encourage anyone who's never been to a soapy to at least try it out once. Or twice. Cheers!

  2. Jim

    I've finally went to Soi Honey and Soi Chaiyapoon in Pattaya. The massage service is not as refined or menu-based as Phrom Phong in Bangkok. It feels more like more freelancers working the shops. Negotiating is very much the practice here. Good to see your dirty perv writing again!

    1. Hello! Yes I do agree Bangkok's oil massage parlors are like restaurants. There are menus with prices and you can easily see what you're paying for with the descriptions. Many oil massage shops in Phrom Phrong are owned by Japanese and attract lots of Japanese working in Bangkok. Hence the refined services and menu based pricing. Cheers mate!