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The Games the Same but the Rules are a Little Different...

Back in Bangkok (For Now)

For the past 3 months I've been back in Bangkok after a year long spent entirely in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, working on a new business venture.

I've updated my tips on Kuala Lumpur nightlife particularly on the spa and sauna scene here. Let's just say KL's nightlife is contracting a lot due to Malaysia's tougher stance on prostitution. But the oldest profession is alive and kicking. It's just smaller than it used to be. But still a shit load of fun. I'll be putting more of my thoughts on on KL's nightlife soon.

Because this post is going to be about Bangkok. As I mentioned I've been back for 3 months and things have changed in terms of ways you can find Thai girls for companionship. And I've been making up for lost time.

The Cost of Playing...

Prices are slightly higher for bar fines at most of the popular go go bars in Patpong, Soi Cowboy and Nana Entertainment Plaza. The minimum these days is 600THB at the lower end gogo bars to 700THB to 800THB up the spectrum to high end go go bars with coyote dancers topping it out at 1200THB to 1500THB bar fine.

For example at one of my favorite go go bar Shark Bar (one of my Top 5 Go Go Bars in Bangkok list) in Soi Cowboy I paid 1500THB for a coyote girl. Regular gogo girls prices are 600THB.

Was she worth the 1500THB plus the 2500THB short time price? Yes, at the time. Even when I was shit faced drunk. What can I say she was smoking hot! She had a hot round ass and a perky set.

I don't know what the Thai girls are eating these days but whatever it is it's filling out their bodies in all the right places.

Short time and long time prices are about the same though certain go go bars have gone up slightly. Go go bars in Bangkok charge about 2000THB for short time though this price point is not firm. A friend of mine talked it down to 1500THB cause he knows he can get it at that price.

I don't know how he does it but it's probably because he's a real familiar face and no matter how much he bitches they cave in.

I don't recommend any newbies being as aggressive as my ass wipe friend but the matter of the fact is, prices have gone up. It's the universal law applied on just about anything especially on prostitutes.


Still, the great thing about messing around in Bangkok is that for all the cheap bastards (you all know who you are) you can still save a lot of money on one of the costliest travel expense which is the cost of hotel rooms.

I own my own place in Bangkok currently but when my friends come over they get themselves a hotel room near Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza. Cause there's no f***ing way I'm going to let any of my friends get it on with a Thai hooker in one of my spare bedrooms.

Anyways they've stayed in a lot of hotels along Sukhumvit Soi 4 usually spend about $50USD a night. There are cheaper hotels and guest houses further down Suk Soi 4 but it's a lot further down.

But best to stay close to Nana Entertainment Plaza so you're up in all the action with plenty of Thai freelancers to pick and choose from.

And by the way, here's a big tip from Uncle Jim; Did you know Thai street hookers' prices are more flexible if you stay at a hotel very near where you picked them up?

Really, cause once their time is up with you they can easily make it back to their usual location to pick up more customers.

Thai street hookers are notoriously lazy especially when it comes to short time. And they do prefer short time customers rather then long time customers as they can make more cash doing multiple short timers. 

They don't want to travel too far. If you ask to short time them but your hotel is further away they most likely won't budget on their asking rate which is about 1500THB to 2000THB for 1 hour. And their clock starts when she agrees with the price and leaves with you. Which makes more actual sense to stay at a hotel near their hangout.

And because my friends are close to the corners Thai prostitutes work on they even ask them for 2 shots and the girls usually agree. Either that or the girls just agree doubting that my friends can even shoot twice in a hour.

Even for me since I live near On Nut every time I hang out with my friends I always book a hotel near Sukhumvit Soi 4. This way there's no need to spend time traveling back to my place.

We Now Have the Technology...

Finding Thai hookers just got easier today. Thai girls, Filipino girls, ladyboys and more are just a click of a website away. I'm talking about https://www.bedpage.com/backpage-bangkok/ which is basically a sex directory connecting prostitutes with punters and vice versa. Like Craigslist you can buy other useless crap but primarily its where prostitutes advertise their services.

Escort services are also listed on there as well but many listings are done by full/part time Thai freelancers. But sometimes you'll find Thai girls there just doing some part time hooking. By the way if you're from the USA you'll need to get a VPN or else you won't be able to view bangkok.cracker.com because their websites are banned in your country for promoting prostitution.

Another way to find Thai hookers, massage girls and ladyboys is on WeChat. I wrote a bit about this on my website here. WeChat is useful for finding what you need at the comforts of your hotel room.

But I have to add if you're not into Thai ladyboys, than you best check the profiles on WeChat carefully and ask whether or not they pitch or receive. But if you're into transexuals WeChat will be your best friend in Bangkok.

I have to admit, I've been finding a lot of good quality company on bangkok.cracker.com and WeChat app. It's so easy and I don't have to pay bar fines. I also find that prostitutes on both platforms are easy to talk to regarding their asking rates. You can can bargain the rates as well as ask for extra shots.

The truth is, a lot of Thai prostitutes have caught on to using apps like WeChat and even Tinder to find customers. After speaking to a few bar owners they tell me it's a little harder to find quality working girls because many of them have become tech savvy. In a way they are empowered to work on their own and pocket 100% profit.

Speaking of (the Good and the Bad) Thai Girls...

So I'm going to put it out there (again) that not all Thai women are prostitutes. Not all Thai University girls are in the pay for play scene. Because there are guys that just don't get it. I've seen it first hand at hotels, on train stations and even in Thai airports where foreigners try to pick up random Thai women they find attractive out of the blue like some kind of playground.

Yes, there are a certain segment of Thai women looking to hook up with foreigners, that is true and I do not doubt that. I've seen plenty of videos on youtube where guys flaunt their "game" or "skill" on picking up Thai women. They'll show the ones where they get a phone number. Though not all will show you their failures on video. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why foreign men coming to Thailand and have this idea in their skulls.

You will see Thai dating websites where they advertise University age girls that will polish your knob on the first date. It's just a ploy from Thai dating services to get degenerates with pocket money to sign up for their services.

There are plenty of bad girls to pick up at the red light districts. Without a doubt there are a lot of Thai gold diggers which are easy to find.

But I know there are guys with some serious Asian fetish and want to pick up the "good Thai girls" for a girlfriend experience.d

It is possible in certain situtations. Seriously if you've got your sights on a hot young Thai girl, that is obviously not a prostitute and you're twice her age there's a big chance she's going to run the other direction when she sees you coming to her with a boner.

But if you're close to her age in good health and shape then you've got a better chance then a dude twice her age and out of shape.


Yes I'm back for now and I'll post up some more information about the red light districts of Bangkok when I get the chance. There are some changes here and there that I have to sort through and update, which I did on my main website bangkokredeye.com but for this blog it's due time for some house cleaning as well.

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