Wednesday, June 6, 2018

2018 Updated Soi Cowboy Go Go Bar Map with Barfine Prices

2018 Map Update to One of Bangkok's Most Famous Red Light District

Yes, Soi Cowboy is one of Bangkok's most well known red light district. Even more well known than Patong and Nana.

But personally I prefer Nana. But you can never count out Soi Cowboy because it's so well represented around the world because Soi Cowboy was a backdrop for a lot of international movies.

With that little bit of trivia here's a link to my website with an updated map of Soi Cowboy go go bars. On that map there's also a short description of each bars including respective bar fine rates.

Soi Cowboy is pricer in terms of drinks for yourself and for ladies. And certain bars charge a lot of money for their prime line up of coyote or specialty go go dancers. Coyote girls have a heavy price tag to discourage customers from taking out a bars' prime lure bait.

Go go bars need attractive girls to attract customers inside. No pretty girls. No customers. The equation is simple.

Now there are reasons why Soi Cowboy is more expensive but I won't get into all of that. Soi Cowboy is still a fun place to visit and have a bit of fun in just mind your wallet and be prepared to go in and get mauled for drinks as waitresses and go go bar girls are aggressive in their tactics to get customers to buy drinks.

When you feel pressured to buy drinks by a bunch of harpies simply say no politely. No matter how many polite no it takes to make them stop hassling you is better than going ape shit crazy.

It's really one of the reasons why I prefer Nana. Don't get me wrong, you will get the same treatment from bar girls and waitresses inside the go go bars of Nana but I feel they're not as aggressive.

Here's a big tip from Uncle Jim: "If you don't want to get hassled by waitresses and bar girls to buy drinks, go to a bar with shit load of customers inside. This way, they can't focus all of their attention only on you. Just order your drink as required. Sit back and enjoy the show."


  1. My favorite place on Soi Cowboy is Crazy House... just next to the main strip. They go totally nude there. I highly recommend for hot nude action at a GoGo bar.

    1. Noted, will check it out! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Not sure what compelled me to come back after seeing the blog come to screeching halt for over a year. But as someone who has followed your writing for a while, I am glad to see you back and doing well after the hiatus. Always enjoyed reading and look forward to seeing more of it.