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For the Best Time in Bangkok's Red Light Districts, Choose a Guest Friendly Hotel on Sukhumvit Road 

Cute Thai girls hate joiner fees too!
Here is a list of places to stay in Bangkok that are in great locations along Sukhumvit road. That's where you can find the most bar girl, massage and escort friendly hotels.

All of the hotels you see below are located between Nana and Soi Cowboy red light districts, specifically between Sukhumvit road Soi 1 and up to Soi 23.

Which will be convenient for you because Nana Entertainment Plaza is located on Soi 4 and Soi 23 is the tail end of Soi Cowboy. Between those two red light districts are a lot of hotels to choose from that are close to all kinds of adult entertainment establishments.

Sukhumvit road has the most hotels with a guest friendly policy. So inviting hookers to your room for a short time romp or an over nighter won't be a issue.

Hotels that do have a problem with hookers in hotel guest rooms will require you to pay a joiner fee which can cost up to 1000THB.

I know there are some people who don't care about paying joiner fees. But I know even more people who hate paying it. Joiner fees are just a pain in the ass. And why pay extra when you don't even have to?

The other reason why I suggest staying at a hotel in Sukhumvit district is not only because that's where you can find the most hotels in Bangkok that allow prostitutes in your room, but because 85% of the city's nightlife is based there.

You can find go go bars in Soi Cowboy and Nana. Hookers are all over most of lower Sukhumvit road (Soi 3 through Soi 15). Not only can you find Thai prostitutes but Russians and African hookers too.

Some of the most popular clubs and bars that double as pick up joints for Thai freelancers are there too. Climax Club on Soi 11 located under the belly of the Ambassador Hotel is a popular after hours club. Many Thai girls who work part time as prostitutes hang out there. Thermae Bar on Soi 15 is another place to find dozens of Thai girls. The Thermae is underneath the Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel which is a decent place to stay also.

And there are a lot of budget hotels in the 1000THB to 1500THB price range to choose from. And it is very common to find 4 star hotels in Sukhumvit with room rates starting at a little under 3000THB ($100USD) per night. Staying at any of the hotels below means you can easily get back to your room with your lady of the night without the need of renting a room at a short time hotel.
Map of Sukhumvit Guest Friendly Hotels

Sukhumvit Soi 1

Best Western Premier Sukhmvit - 2650THB
Legacy Express - 1500THB
Skyy Hotel - 1700THB

Sukhumvit Soi 2

Aspen Suites - 1800THB
Majestic Grande Hotel - 2900THB
JW Marriott - 5500THB

Sukhumvit Soi 3

Grace Hotel - 2100THB
Grand Inn - 1450THB

Sukhumvit Soi 4

Boss Suites Hotel - 1500THB
Dawin Hotel - 2000THB
DI Place Hotel - 1200THB
Heaven@4 Hotel - 1400THB
Landmark Hotel (btw. Soi 4 and 6)- 3300THB
Majestic Suites - 1290THB
Nana Hotel - 1550THB
Omni Tower Residence - 1600THB
White Orchid Inn - 1000THB
Woraburi Sukhumvit - 1300THB

Sukhumvit Soi 5

Bel Aire Princess - 1900THB

Sukhumvit Soi 6

Dynasty Grande - 2100THB
Orchid Place -  1000THB
Phachara Suites - 2300THB

Sukhumvit Soi 7

Mac Boutique Suites - 1800THB

Sukhumvit Soi 7/1

Maxim's Inn - 1200THB
World Inn - 900THB

Sukhumvit Soi 8

Adelphi Suites - 2900THB
Citadines Sukhumvit 8 - 1870THB
Eightville Bangkok - 1200THB
Salil Hotel 8 - 1800THB
Sawasdee Hotel 8 - 1500THB

Sukhumvit Soi 10

Centre Point Sukhumvit 10 - 2410THB
Cozy at Ten - 1200THB
Paradiso Boutique Suites - 1500THB
Galleria 10 Sukhumvit Hotel - 1800THB

Sukhumvit Soi 11

Ambassador Hotel - 1700THB
Citadines Sukhumvit 11 - 2100THB
Citi Chic Boutique Suites - 2200THB
Grand President Bangkok - 1800THB
Le Fenix Sukhumvit - 1695THB
President Palace Hotel - 2200THB
President Solitaire - 2600THB

Sukhumvit Soi 13

Citrus Sukhumvit 13 - 2200THB

Sukhumvit Soi 15

Dream Hotel - 2800THB
Four Points Sheraton - 3300THB
Manhattan Hotel - 1500THB
Royal President Hotel - 1850THB
Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel - 1700THB
Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit - 4600THB
S15 Sukhumvit - 2500THB

Sukhumvit Soi 19

Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit - 3600THB
Sacha's Hotel Uno - 1800THB
Sam's Lodge Hotel - 1200THB
SilQ Bangkok - 2400THB

Asoke Road

Asoke Suites - 1400THB
Grand Millennium Sukhumvit - 4500THB
S Sukhumvit Suites - 2000THB

Sukhumvit Soi 23

Admiral Premiere - 2400THB
Tai Pan Hotel - 1800THB
Jasmine Executive Suites - 2400THB

Body to body oil massage parlors are all over the area too. However, the better oil massage shops are found in the Phrom Phong district which is close to Sukhumvit. By BTS it's only 1 station away from Nana BTS station. I wrote a blog post here where to stay near Bangkok's oil massage parlors so you can find even more guest friendly hotels near Sukhumvit.

There are two soapy massage parlors located on Sukhumvit road. Annie's Massage on Soi 2 and Darling Massage on Soi 12. Both are fine establishments but you'll find a lot more soapy massage parlors in the Huay Kwang district, which you can easily travel to by taking the MRT subway train.

All of the hotels in Sukhumvit listed above are confirmed girl friendly. As you can see from the map they are close to  popular freelance pick up spots. There are even more adult oriented establishments in the area but I didn't have enough room to fit them all on the map. So those hotels are in a strategic location for having fun in Bangkok's red light districts.

Last thing, I know a lot of guys might feel awkward about taking a prostitute to a hotel. You shouldn't feel that way especially when staying at the places I recommend above that are right on Sukhumvit road. Staffs in hotels are aware of the red light districts nearby and are not phased at all.


  1. Wow thank you for all these informations ! I will find a good hotel with this post :D

    Just a question, when did you wright this ?

    I am going to Grand Inn Hotel in April, I hope they havnt change their policy! :)

  2. Trippaa, I received an email confirmation from Grand Inn confirming that they are indeed guest friendly last December 2012.

    I don't think they'll change their policy anytime soon given the hotel location is so close to so much action.

    Have Fun!

  3. Jim- love your blog. Two questions- going to Bangkok for a bachelor party in April- 5 guys total and we are comfortable sharing women together. We'd like a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment/suite at a place we can bring girls back to. Don't care about everyone having a bed to sleep in. We'd like to have plenty of space to share the women in an orgy setting. Any suggestions? Somewhere that won't kick us out or tell us to be quiet.

    Also, should we decide to leave the hotel for outside fun (which it looks like we will after reading your reviews), are there any clubs/massage parlors where we can all go together in a room large enough for us to share the ladies together and pass the girls around like I describe above? Thank you!

    1. Allen,

      I recommend staying at any serviced apartment type property. They operate just like any other hotel except it's geared more towards long stayers.

      However short time guests are just as welcome. No need to sign a lease too.

      There are 3 serviced apartment/hotels I highly recommend:

      1. Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit by Terminal 21 - It's next to Soi Cowboy
      2. Phachara Suites right on soi 4, so it's close to Nana go go bars and hookers.
      3. Jasmine Exec. Suites, it's right around the block from Soi Cowboy

      Of the 2 I've named, Phachara Suites is your best bet. There 2 bedroom exec suites are 125 square meters big.

      Just a word of advice since I'm not sure how many hookers you'll bring back to your room. It's best to bring in the ladies slowly.

      For example bring 2 ladies up first and have some friends in your group watch over them. And make him promise he won't start first ;0

      Then bring up the rest slowly. These hotels won't give you a problem but it's always best to be subtle or at least you won't scare the other guests.

      Check out these links for info about these hotels below:




      There are 2 soapy massage parlors I recommend for group activities. Amsterdam and Colonze 2 have big rooms on the top floors with jacuzzi. I forget what the suites cost but the rates are quite reasonable.

      I'm going to write a post about Colonze 2 soapy massage soon.

      You guys must have a big set of balls. I've never seen my friends' junk nor would I ever think of crossing swords with my mates. Just kidding... I know you guys will have a great time in April.


    2. Jim,

      I recently contacted number 2 from your above list.

      2. Phachara Suites right on soi 4, so it's close to Nana go go bars and hookers.

      And received this answer regarding guests:

      -- In case girl from out side you can stay with her but policy is not incl. ABF for another person from outside.

      ??? (what does that mean)


    3. Hi JJ,

      It means only registered guests (meaning you) can eat at the buffet breakfast (that is if room you booked includes it).

      Since the lady (or ladies) you invite to your room are not registered you cannot take them to breakfast with you.


  4. Hey, Great blog!!!

    do yoy happen to know if any of the cheaper hotels listed have in room safes?


  5. Jack,

    Thank you, I'm happy to know you find this blog useful.

    Well, most really cheap hotels don't have in room safes. About how much you want to spend per night?


  6. Dear James ! I am planing to visit Bangkok in 1st week of September 2013.Plz suggest regarding weather conditions at that time. I am planing to stay in guest friendly 3 star hotel near Nana Plaza. Plz suggest good hotels with breakfast package.

    1. Hello Rahul,

      September weather is hot, humid with sporadic rain. I recommend Boss Suites near the tail end of Sukhumvit soi 4, so it's walkable distance to Nana Plaza. Or you can just use the hotels free tuk tuk service.

      It's a nice little 3 star hotel and highly recommend.

      Have Fun!

  7. Dear James i have booked my flights for Mid of May 2013 for just 2 nights 3 days visit alone.

    can you suggest some good hotel or apartments and which will allow 2 girls with me for overnight stay?

  8. Hello Shika,

    I recommend the Centre Point Sukhumvit Soi 10 serviced apartment.

    Good Luck!

  9. (tried posting this earlier thru yr contact form, but seems like it didn't go through, after submit it gave me contact page again).

    Hi Jim,
    Just discovered your blog as I was looking for some info to prepare for my first trip to BKK.
    Excellent blog you have here. Sort of like a BKK-Sex-Tour Guide!! Bookmarked.

    I'm an Indian fair skinned, medium looks,32yrs guy (definitely not the dark-ugly Indian look)here. My wife is a 7/10 fair lady of 28 yrs. Since I'm new to sex-toursim (never ever slept with hooker), and this is going to be my first vice-romp so to say,
    I have 3 Qns that maybe you can answer:
    1) Do girls/hookers discriminate on race/ethnicity? Hence I gave my description above? Will I face discriminaton being Indian?

    2) I'm planning BKK trip along with wife & I've convinced her to try some exciting new stuff - including threesomes. So is it possible to get a bar-girl/hooker/freelancer who'll agree to join me+wife, indulge in foreplay, boobsqueeze/lick, tease me, but I won't have full intercourse service from her? The max I may have from her is a blowjob/handshake.

    2) If yes, would it be possible to get an attractive lady but at cheaper rates than usual go-go girl rates? Both me/wife have this fantasy of having threesome with a young sexy Russian/CIS *istan lady who can throw in some excitement in our 7 yrs of marriage. What's the best place to look for such a deal? And how much damage can I expect for escort/girl? More importantly where to look for Russian girls in BKK? Haven't seen much info abt them in yr blog? I'm sure given the vice den BKK appears to be, there must be some hotel/bars specialising in Russian/CIS girls?

    Thanks a lot if you can answer these Qns. Keep up the good work. Yr blog is really comprehensive. I'm sure I'll be referrring a lot more as I finalise my trip. Thanks.


    1. Hello Samir,

      Thank you for the kind comments. I'm glad you found my info helpful.

      1) Not all Thai girls working in the industry discriminate. It's just business. That said, yes there are girls that won't like Indians.

      But your chances of finding what you're looking for is good since there are so many girls working.

      2)Yes, you can find girls who can do threesomes. But you have to understand not all Thai girls are experienced in threesomes so the experience might not be what you expect.

      3)Samir, it is impossible to get an attractive girl to have sex at cheap prices.

      This is especially true with young sexy Russians or any eastern European ladies from a country ending with stans.

      You can find Eastern Europeans outside of the Grace Hotel which is on Sukhumvit soi 3. Keep in mind, many of those girls may be victims of sex trafficking. So think on your conscience.

      There are Russians in the basement club of the Novotel Siam Square Hotel. And they are not cheap.

      I have not seen Russian escort girl websites for Thailand. Though there are many for Thai escort girls. I suggest doing a google search on that subject as I do not have info about that. Just want to add that escorts are expensive too.

      Good Luck!

  10. Hi Jim,
    Happened to come across your blog today.Found it very helpful & informative.

    We are an Indian couple of 35/30 yrs married for 5 yrs.Have planned to visit Bangkok/Pattaya in mid May this year as sex tourists.We want to add some spice to our lives.As we haven't done anything like this before we want to make this visit a memorable one.

    I've surfed on internet & found plenty of links to cater to the needs of a man,but haven't found any info for female sex tourists.

    Could you please suggest us some safe & good places/contacts to get masseurs who provide full services to female clients after massage.Info about pick up joints for good male prostitutes for my wife & the costs involved.

    We have thought of staying at some good 3 star hotel in the Sukhumvit area.Please suggest some hotel names in this area & Pattaya.

    You are doing a great job.Keep it going.

    Thanks a ton.

    1. Hello Dev,

      Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad you found this information helpful.

      I'm sorry to say I do not have any information on male prostitutes in Thailand.

      I suggest speaking with a bar girl. Maybe she has a cousin or uncle or something. Not quite sure of the price since this is the first time ever I have been asked this question.

      I have done plenty of reviews on 3 star hotels in Sukhumvit and Pattaya. If you do a search on this blog you will find the information you need.

      Thanks again for reading my blog and have a great time.


    2. Hi Jim This is all good stuff. Will be staying in 5 star hotel in July. Would like to be Riverside. Any info on those hotels. Thanks in advance. Dave

    3. Hello Dave,

      I know Shangri La and Peninsula are never riverside and no problem with ladies. Matter of fact I would dare say all of the 5 star properties near the river are all bar girl friendly.

      Depending on where you're going to pick a hotel by the river you may be closer to Patpong red light district however.

      It's Thailand, folks who can afford to stay at expensive 5 star hotels get away with all kinds of crap lol!

      Though I have to add that hotels by the river are far from Sukhumvit nightlife center. For sheer convenience, why don't you consider staying at a 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit instead?

      Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit soi 15
      Grand Millennium on Asoke road are two 5 star hotels close to Nana and even closer to Soi Cowboy's go go bars.

      I can understand staying at a hotel near riverside for nice atmosphere. If so, consider booking a hotel in Sukhumvit and riverside. This way you can split your time to enjoy both.


  11. Hi Jim,

    First off, thank you for your wonderful information. I was wondering if I could email you or vice versa to better gain some additional specific information. I will be in Bangkok for my first trip ever, at the end of this month. Unfortunately I will only have ONE day there. :( With that said, I do have some specific questions I want to ask of you. I am definitely taking your advice and staying somewhere between Soi 1 - 23.

    Basically via email -- I'd appreciate it if you could recommend/design me an itinerary of sort for my one day there. I arrive in Bangkok around 3pm and depart around 2pm the following day. I want to experience the most I can in a 20 hour span - i.e.- Soapy massages, nightlife, etc.

    Thank you again for your time and attention in this matter.


    1. Hello M,

      You can contact me on my website www.bangkokredeye.com

      As for designing an itinerary it's going to be difficult. I've done it before.

      It's difficult first of all if someone is not familiar with a city it's going to be difficult to run around from place to place trying to make a deadline. Especially when it's hot outside.

      Go go bars close around 2am. Oil and soapy massage close at 12am. You can always find freelancers afterwards to keep you company.

      I wrote a 1 night guide to Bangkok's nightlife: http://www.bangkokredeye.com/1-night-in-bangkok--oil-massage-parlors-and-go-go-bars.html

      and a lot of readers have followed it and even then they couldn't complete all the stops lol!

      My main advice is don't rush, really you're not going to have a good time if you rush.

      Anyways, I'll give you some info but I really can't guarantee you're going to make it to every location.


  12. Hi Jim!

    Thanks for all the wonderful information that you have provided. It's really insightful and informative!

    I was wondering if you had heard of Aloft Bangkok on Sukhumvit Soi 11? I researched around and found some forum stating that it is a guest-friendly hotel but didn't see it on your websites. So I was wondering if you could confirm it? (I trust your sites more.)

    Also! I am already planning to head to Bangkok soon. However my schedule only allows me a Sunday - Wednesday trip. I love going to clubs but I am pretty worried that it will be empty on weekdays, will the after-hours clubs you recommend still be active?

    Thanks for taking time to read this and I await your reply!


  13. Jim:

    First off great site and thanks for the helpful information.

    Visiting Bangkok in December and booked at the Smart Suites prior to finding your site. A bit off the beaten path but not too far from Nana and Soi Cowboy. Any impressions on this hotel and do you know whether it is guest friendly?

    Also, any word on Nana - heard generally that it was undergoing significant changes.

    Thanks. DS

    1. DS,

      Thank you for the kind comments, always glad to help out. Sorry to say I don't know if Smart Suiites is guest friendly. But you can email them and ask.

      Don't worry, it's a common question so don't feel weird.

      I would send the email like this:


      I would like to ask if I take a lady to my room overnight will I be charged a joiners fee?

      Thank you for your assistance.

      Joiners fee is a technical hotel term and they should understand.

      Yes Nana has and is going through some changes, though much of the top earning bars are still doing well, such as rainbow 1 and 4, Angel Witch and especially the ladyboys if that's what you're in to.

      Have a great time!


  14. dear Jim,

    Thank you for the great info!!

    I was wondering is it normal to bargain for ST and LT in a GOGO bar? And if it is do I bargain with the girl or mama san?

    Last year it was the first time i was in nana plaza, after drinking abit i ask a girl to sit next to me and drink. 2 mins later a woman from bar showed me a small pricelist 2000 for ST, 4000 LT.

  15. hi james.
    your blog is really awesome and very helpful.

    friend, i am planing to go to bangkok on next month with one of my male friend and we will share one double room in sukumvit between soi 4 to soi 7. Soi 4 is our first choice.
    we want to bedget 2star or 3 star hotel where we can easily enter with 2 of our lady without givin any guest charge...so friend can you suggest me some hotels please?


    1. Kuntal,
      It's best that you book 2 rooms. Because if you have 4 people in one room the hotel will charge you a joiner fee.

      If on a budget I recommend Woraburi, White Orchid or DI Place.

      Remember, most hotel rooms in Bangkok permit up to 2 guests only. Any more than that they will charge a joiner's fee.


  16. hi there James, very interesting blog full of useful info.
    Traveling to Bangkok myself beginning of June this year with some friends. They have sorted the whole trip but have booked us all in to the Belaire Bangkok Hotel. Have since found out they charge a 1000 baht for overnight female guests, my question is having only had to pay 2000 baht a night including breakfast, is this still a good deal? Gerry Francis.

  17. ive booked to come over in dec with my mate we are staying at the sukhumvit 20 hotel near windsor suites hotel do you know if the hotel ive booked is girl friendly ? we are booked in as 2 couples ie 2 in each room the hotel is off sukhumvit road sorry no name for hotel just says on booking email sukhumvit 20 hotel hope you can answer for me thanks david

    1. Dave, sorry I don't have any info on that hotel as of yet. If I get a confirmation I'll let you know. Cheers.

  18. Hi James,

    Me and my boyfriend are planning to visit BKK this year. We are interested to heat up matters and get into a threesome, that's me, my partner and a Thai woman. Is it possible to find a freelancer who would be interested to join in the fun with an Indian couple? I mean, is it difficult to find escorts who are ready to get into a threesome action with a couple? Would that burn a hole in our pockets? Also, what's the best way to propose the idea to these girls? Do I get to accompany my boyfriend on these escort hunting trips? Thanks in advance!

    1. It is quite easy to set up a threesome. Just talk to the freelancer and just be up front. Some may be in to it and some may not. However, because there are so many thai freelancers in Bangkok I am sure you'll find someone as long as the price is right.

      I'm not sure how much it would cost but I won't assume it's too cheap.

  19. hi
    do you know if sm grande residence on soi4 is guest friendly for 1 or 2 girls? thanks

    1. Hello,

      I think you can bring up at least two girls because as I recall it's a serviced type apartment. I can't find their email so can't really check on their policy. But I would say try bringing up one girl first.


  20. Hello Jim,

    I wanna start off by saying your have the best information out there with regards to blogs. I think it's so realistic and practical! Thanks for all your hard work!

    I have a question for you and I hope you don't mind answering. I'm going to visit Bangkok for about 5 days in the middle of November. It will be my first time and traveling alone. I intend to visit nana and ski cowboy as well as the massage scene. I will prob go out during the day as well but doubt there will be much of it. I do want to keep the cost down with regards to hotels/service apts. don't need a fancy 5-star but maybe a 3-4 star?

    Could you so kindly recommend which Soi I should stay at and a hotel or 2 for me to choose from!

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Hi JJ,

      No problem at all. If you can tell me your budget I'll figure out a few good choices for you.


    2. Hey thanks for the reply Jim.

      I think It will be somewhere in the ballpark of 1000-1500 Canadian including accommodation and all the events i intend to do. Is that too little? I do have the flexibility to increase the budget but I am going alone so don't want to overdo it.

      Thanks a bunch!

    3. JJ,

      Your budget is just fine depending on how much "fun" you're planning to have.

      I would stick with freelancers and checking out some oil massage parlors. You'll find plenty of info by searching this blog and my website www.bangkokredeye.com.

      For hotel I recommend Paradiso Boutique Suites:

      It's clean, not fancy but clean. But most importantly it's right across from Thermae Bar (do a search on this blog too) where many freelancers hang out.

      Because for your budget I wouldn't spend it at a go go bar where you pay unnecessarily on bar fines and bar drinks.

      If you have any more questions please let me know.


    4. Hey Jim,

      Thanks for your recommendation! I took a look at it and it seems kind of dark and gloomy. Lots of mixed reviews but I what I noticed was that the reviews all had one common comment and it was that its well beyond its years and worn out.

      I did some research and found double one by aspira on soi 11. What do you think about this one? Is it guest friendly?

      Please let me know. Thanks,


    5. Actually there is another one I came across. Aspira Sukhumvit on soi7/11. Could you also give me some insight with regards to this hotel? Guest friendly etc. These room at this hotel seem bigger and around the same price compared to the double one.

      thanks a bunch! I will be definitely booking with agoda with your referral link.


  21. Hey James,

    Such an informative blog. Thank you.

    Just thought I'd be doubly sure and check with you whether Like 16 Sukhumvit is guest-friendly? I am basically looking at a Serviced Apartment so it probably is but thought I'd get it verified before booking. Thank you so much.