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Reviews of Hotels Near Chaweng Nightlife

There are a lot of girl friendly hotels in Koh Samui. This might simply have to do with the fact that there are really isn't a huge blaring red light district on the island like you would see on the mainland in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket. Maybe in the future though.

There are a lot of really cheap hotels in Samui with rickety old bungalows. There's really no need to ask, if you rent a 300 Baht a night bungalow with no running water I can pretty much guarantee you the owner won't charge you a joiner fee. Because it'll just be the same as doing it on a Soi except there's no walls or a electric fan.

Samui's nightlife is centered in Chaweng a not so sleepy side of the island on the east side. It's fast becoming developed with new resorts and posh hotels with heavy price tags. But you can still find very clean and reasonably priced hotels near Chaweng's  nightlife and beach that are girl friendly.

In Chaweng, head to Soi Green Mango where you will find 2 go go bars. There might be more sometime or somewhere but for now GB Lounge and Dream Girls is the place to be to find some pole action and a beer.

My Recommend List of Guest Friendly Hotels in Chaweng, Koh Samui:

Nora Lakeview Hotel
Nora Lakeview Hotel Samui is very close to Soi Green Mango and other nightlife venues. They have big rooms at reasonable prices. And you know how much I love big rooms. Well a superior room which is the basic room is 36 square meters big.

It's a basic hotel though so no pool and gym. At least Chaweng beach is not far though. You have to pay for Internet access which does suck.

They charge about 2300 Baht per room for walk in rate but you can find discounts for Nora Lakeview Hotel Samui here. I give the hotel 2.5 stars for cleanliness, service and location.

Another hotel close to Chaweng nightlife and closer to the beach yet is Al's Resort Samui. I have to admit though it can be a real hit or miss at Al's. But there's a little over 90 rooms so if you get one you don't like ask for another.

Al's Resort Samui
It's a nice hotel but yeah it's older but I did see routine maintenance done on around the hotel property. This is not to say that it's not a clean hotel because it is. And the service at the hotel is quite good too and very friendly.

It is quite a big resort and you won't feel crowded at all because the property is well spaced out. And there were plenty of deck chairs by the pool. And even if the pool is full you can always head out to the beach in minutes

Since the hotel is located by the beach of course the price will be a bit higher. There are many room types to choose from but the deluxe garden rooms would be the cheaper ones. Here is a price reference for Al's Resort Samui and you might be able to find cheaper rates there.

Right up even closer to Chaweng's nightlife center of activities is the Evergreen Resort Samui.

I wouldn't exactly call this property a resort. Nonetheless it's still a very clean hotel close to restaurants, shopping and yes Soi Mango's go go bars and many other discos and beer bars. And they are all within a 10 minute or less walking distance.

A deluxe room at the Evergreen Resort is little under 30 square meters. The room I had was a little worn down but it's to be expected when a hotel is in a popular location and the price reasonable. I give this hotel 2.5 stars and highly recommend it. The price for a deluxe is not that bad. It's around 1800 Baht for a room at the superior building at Evergreen Resort Samui.

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