GF Hotels Pattaya

List of Popular Visitor Friendly Hotels in Pattaya

There are a lot of really guest friendly hotel choices in Pattaya. Even more than there are in Bangkok.A major difference is that there are a lot more quality budget hotels to choose from. You can get a very nice quality hotel in Pattaya for 1500 Baht or $50US for a night. And there are also very cheap hotel rates in Pattaya too in the 600 Baht range or $20US per night. And that's the price for a hotel with Pattaya beach just a 100 yards away.

Like Bangkok, Pattaya has it's own entire red light district that is popular with tourist from all over the world. And if you're staying in Bangkok you might as well make a beeline to Pattaya for a few days to check out the nightlife there. Just 2 hours away - Pattaya is the closest beach side resort (though not the cleanest) from the frenetic pace of Bangkok - perfect for a few days. Matter of fact some become so enamored with Pattaya that they choose to make it their sole destination in the land of smiles.

Pattaya's guest friendly hotels are some of the best quality hotels too. And most of them are in the budget price range - so they're really affordable. Below are some of the most popular hotels that won't charge joiner fees. Cheaper quality hotels and a naughtier red light district.

No wonder there are guys who skip Bangkok entirely and spend the rest of their holiday in Pattaya.

Sawasdee Sea View Hotel
Average room rate: 1100THB
Internet access: Not free
Address: 302/1 Moo 10, Soi 10 Pattaya 2 Road

Sawasdee Sea View Hotel is absolutely one of the cheapest hotels close to Pattaya's beach, just minutes to get there. But be warned that this is a cheap hotel so service is not the greatest. The rooms are basic and from the reviews you'll find that some rooms are acceptable and some are not. Pay a few hundred Baht more and you'll get a remarkable difference in quality.

Diamond City Place
Average room rate: 1100THB
Internet access: Not free
Address: 513 Moo 10, South Pattaya

Diamond City Place is a nice little budget hotel close to the south end of Walking Street. Although it is a little worn down the hotel is kept clean and in good working order. Good thing is if you need bigger rooms then Diamond City Place is a good choice for you. It's not close to the beach but there is a swimming pool. This hotel is certainly one of the better budget hotels in Pattaya that is very good for those travelers who want to stay longer in Pattaya on the cheap but relatively comfortable.

Keerati Homestay Pattaya
Average room rate: 1250THB
Internet access: Free
Address: 33/40, Soi. LK Metro (Soi Diana)

The Keerati Homestay is my favorite budget hotel in central Pattaya. It's only a 15 minute walk to Walking Street's go go bars. However, there are a set of decent go go bars directly outside of the hotel. It's a clean hotel with very affordable rates in an excellent condition. There's a cheap traditional Thai massage parlor right around the corner on Soi Diana by the hotel you should check out.

Flipper Lodge Pattaya
Average room rate: 1200THB
Internet access: Not free
Address: 520/1 Soi 8, Central Pattaya

The Flipper Lodge is one of the most well known and popular bar girl friendly hotel in central Pattaya. And it's reputation is well deserved. It's a medium sized budget hotel by the beach and close to Soi Diamond and Walking Street's go go bars. It's a clean hotel and professionally managed in the perfect location for enjoying Pattaya's beach and nightlife.

Sunshine Hotel and Residence
Average room rate: 1400THB
Internet access: Not free
Address: 217/1, Soi 8, Beach Road

For a budget hotel Sunshine Hotel and Residence has the most best reviews from guests. So it's no surprise that this hotel is a very popular girl friendly hotel. The location is excellent, close to many nightlife adult entertainment establishments as well as shopping centers. Best to make sure you book in advance.

Lido Beach Hotel Pattaya
Average room rate: 1300THB
Internet access: Free
Address: 236/7-15 Pattaya Beach Road

The Lido Beach Hotel is located in South Pattaya. It's one of the closest budget hotels you can find that is right in front of Walking Street's go go bars and clubs. Thought the Lido is not in prime condition its strongest point is the location by beach and wide assortment of adult entertainment.

Areca Lodge Hotel Pattaya
Average room rate: 1700THB
Internet access: Free
Address: 198/21-23 Moo 9 (Soi Diana)

The Areca Lodge is another one of my favorite affordable guest friendly hotels in central Pattaya. It's quite a big hotel and enclosed so you get fantastic resort like atmosphere. Though it is a 15 minute walk to the main strip of go go bars on Walking Street there are a cluster of go go bars just a few minutes away from the hotel entrance.

Aya Boutique Hotel
Average room rate: 2000THB
Internet access: Free
Address: 555/55, Moo 10 (Pattaya Beach Road)

This is a very nice small hotel by the beach. The Aya Boutique is a newish modern hotel and just a short 5 minute stroll to Walking Street's go go bars. However, the Aya is also close to Soi Diamond where guys can easily find many go go bars and beer bars to pick up bar girls. It's a very popular hotel but small so it's best to book a room there in advance to secure a room for your travel dates.

Even though all of these hotels are visitor friendly, your companion may be required to deposit her I.D. card with hotel security or reception. And this is really done for guests safety. In the eyes of hotel staff it's business as usual as many guests invite prostitutes back to their rooms. So there's no need to feel uncomfortable at all.