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If you've read my post on Hua Hin's nightlife you'll know that the pay for play scene is not the same as it is in Bangkok and Pattaya.

But there are quite a lot of beer bars where you can easily find and pick up ladies. Below you'll find a map of the nightlife areas.

On the same map you will find 15 guest friendly Hua Hin hotels located right in the city's central district. All of the hotels listed here are in a really good location. They are close to many restaurants and places to shop for crap if that's your thing. And of course all are in walking distance to the nightlife hotspots.

If your goal in Hua Hin is to meet and pick up the local girls working in the beer bars I highly recommend staying close to all of the action. If you have a car or a motorbike which tourist do rent then you can stay as far as you'd like. Otherwise, your only real option are the tuk tuks that charge a minimum of 100THB for a short distance.

Or at least choose a hotel along Phetkasem Road because it's the city's main road and from there you can easily walk to the attractions.

So where is the action?? Well there are 3 places I recommend for finding pick up joints and all are located in Hua Hin City.
  1. Soi Bintabhat
  2. Soi Selakem
  3. Soi 80
If you're on a tuk tuk just tell the driver Soi Bintabhat. Everyone knows where it is and as a foreigner they'll know you're out to get beer and hopefully some pussy. It's basically the main strip but also the sois that spread around it like Soi Selakem also have bars to scope out as well.

Finally Soi 80 on Phetkasem Road is worth a stroll down too. It's an ambiance closer to Soi Bintabhat but I noticed in the past few years the beer bars along Soi 80 is getting a hell of a lot busier.

Map of Hua Hin red light district and guest friendly hotels.

15 Recommended Guest Friendly  Hua Hin Hotels
(Listed in order of cheapest to highest price)

1. Chaba Chalet - 1000THB
Situated between the nightlife hotspots of Soi Bintabaht and Soi 80 the Chaba is a decent budget hotel that is close to many inexpensive massage shops and restaurants.

The rooms are comfortable and the rates are very affordable in this category.

Chada Guesthouse
2. Chada Guesthouse - 1000THB
Another cheapie place to stay in central Hua Hin. It's surprisingly clean and well run. But the I think most travelers will like this hotel more because of it's location. 

Since it's right on Phetkasem Road you have easy access to many shops. Plus it's right on Soi 80 so you'll have many beer bars and massage shops to explore.

3. Sukkasem Guesthouse - 1000THB
If you love the beach you'll like this guesthouse. Though it's absoluetly no frills and basic the location to Hua Hin beach adds to this guesthouse's charm.

The basic guest rooms are small and you may find some rooms that have seen some more than usual wear and tear.

But if you're only in Hua Hin for the bars and nightlife yet close to the beach too then Sukkasem Guesthouse is more than adequate.

4. Royal Express Hua Hin - 1200THB
This hotel is also located near Phetkasem Road and closer to the beer bars and massage shops that run up and down Soi 80 across the road.

As or writing, if you've booked a room at Royal Express you have to check in at another hotel called Citin Loft located directly across Phetkasem Road. Personally I highly recommend Citin Loft which is also guest friendly.

The Royal Express was renovated a back in 2011 so the rooms are in good condition.

5. Baan Manthana House - 1300THB
This hotel is located just a couple of minutes walk to the popular Hua Hin night bazaar.

And walking to Soi Bintabaht's bars will take around 5 minutes and the beach 10. Though there is a small swimming pool on the hotel ground so not bad at all for a budget 3 star hotel in Hua Hin.

6. Thipurai City Hotel - 1450THB
Right near the heart of Soi Bintabaht's beer bars and other sorts of watering holes. A lot of local girls work out of the bars near this hotel which is one of the reasons why the Thipurai City Hotel is popular.

Plus it doesn't hurt that it's not too expensive and the quality you pay for is decent.

Just a word of advice if you're a light sleeper and easily bothered by street noise you might want to choose away from the main soi. Or bring some ear plugs cause when the bars fill up it will get noisy.

7. Baan Manthana Hotel - 1450THB
So this is a sister property of the Baan Manthana House. It's even right across from it too.

Though the rooms here at the hotel cost a little more because the quality of the rooms and overall property is better.

And the location is just as good. Matter of fact if you want to stay near the Hua Hin night bazaar these two hotels are a very good budget choice.

8. Sand Inn Hotel - 1450THB
This hotel is located between Soi Bintabaht and Soi Selakem. So yes, plenty of beer bars outside of this hotel which means there will be noise. So my advice is to bring some earplugs.

But if you choose this hotel for it's location and closeness to hordes of beer bar girls I have a feeling noise is not a concern.

It's a nice hotel with a lot of places to choose to grab a bite and a cold beer.

9. Citin Loft Hua Hin - 1600THB
Also located near the main road of Phetkasem, Citin Loft is one of the nicest hotels on this list. It's not that expensive because the quality offered from this hotel chain is quite good.

The Citin Loft is located between Soi Bintabaht and Soi 80. So yes it's a quieter area but there are still many shops and restaurants around the hotel.

10. Hua Hin Grand Hotel & Plaza - 1600THB
This is one of the biggest hotels on this list and around Hua Hin City. It is also located on Phetkasem Road and between the red light districts.

So a lot of people like to stay here because of the location and relative peace especially if you get a room on the higher floors.

Though the Hua Hin Grand Hotel and Plaza is dated and needs some upgrading it's still a good option to check out.

11. Sirin Hotel Hua Hin - 1650THB
This hotel is located on Damnernkasem Road which just runs parallel to Soi Bintabaht. Though there are quite a few beer bars to pick up freelancers nearby as well.

The beach is just a 5 or so minute walk and the Hua Hin night bazaar a 10 minute stroll.

It's an older hotel but kept clean though just a warning there are no elevators in this hotel. Be sure to check out the seafood restaurants nearby Sirin Hotel.

12. Baan Pa Ploy - 1650THB
I highly recommend this guest friendly hotel in the heart of Hua Hin. It's also located very near the heart of Soi Bintabaht where a lot of girls sitting outside cat call for customers as they stroll by.

The hotel is well known for its courteous staff and service and the hotel is in very good condition. Not sure why they rate themselves as a 2 star hotel. But everyone I tell to stay at the Baan Pa Ploy never have complaints about it.

13. Wannara Hotel Hua Hin - 1650THB
The Wannara is still very close to Bintabaht but it's far just enough to be on a quieter end of the area on Naresdamri Road.

So if you want to be near the action but far just enough where there's not a whole lot of noise in the middle of the night this is the place to be.

14. My Place @ Hua Hin - 1700THB
And here is another hotel I really recommend. It's in a very good location too on Phetkasaem Road and opposite from Soi Bintabaht.

This hotel is closer to the Hua Hin night bazaar so the area surrounding this hotel is very busy too with many restaurants and shops.

It is a modern hotel and built in 2010 so it's not that old. And the rooms are very comfortable. This is another hotel I always recommend people to stay in and so far have never heard one complaint about My Place @ Hua Hin.

15. Hua Hin Colonnade Hotel - 1800THB
This hotel is also located right across Phetkasem road from the nightlife center of Bintabaht, about a 5 minute walk. Soi 80 is about a 10 minute walk from this hotel.

It is also a newish hotel with nicely furnished rooms and the hotel property is well kept.

Okay, so if you actually counted the hotels marked on my Hua Hin nightlife map you'll find 16 guest friendly hotels not 15.

The reason is I add the Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa. As of writing the Hilton allows guests to invite local bar girls back to their rooms. However, a good buddy of mine that working in that property says they might change their policy soon. When? I don't know. You see, the Hilton Hua Hin wants the image of "family friendly" hotel not "hooker friendly". Which is totally understandable.

Hua Hin Brewery @ Hilton Hotel
Anyways, another reason why I brought up the Hilton Hua Hin is because they have bars that close around 2am. There is a very popular pub called the Hua Hin Brewery right on the Hilton's property that is popular with the local ladies looking to pick up a customers.

Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa - 4000THB
With the Hilton brand name, you can't really go wrong. It's right on the beach and many Thai hookers hang out near the hotel's bars.

And many more ladies heard to the bars at the Hilton after the bars they work in have closed. So the Hilton Hua Hin is a great place to pick up freelancers very late into the night, whether you are staying there or not.

Finally, most of these hotels have free internet Wi-Fi in the rooms. Some even have swimming pools. If both are important then be sure to check the hotel's information through the links I've provided.

Also, as I always recommend book a room for 2 as extra precaution. In most cases it won't cost you extra. And though the hotels are joiner free the hotels may require the local girls leave their ID card with someone at the reception desk or security for your protection.


  1. How about the Intercontinental ?

    1. Hi,

      I'm not sure about Intercontinental because a couple of my friends got charged a joiner fee and others did not.

      I guess it depends on how the girl you take to your room looks. Meaning if she looks like a straight up hooker they'll probably charge you a joiners fee.

      It's a very nice hotel though.